Sassy cats — Slow news week

Gracie here. It’s been a slow week. Peeps have been focused on other things so us cats had to make our own excitement. This was nap time excitement.

There is still box drama going on. The peep loads it with nip from time to time.

And Sasha still works on being adorable. (I’m not fooled though. She’s looking for extra treats.)

Have a great weekend!

35 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Slow news week

  1. Gracie, The Lady Peep is taking some great pictures of you and the other Sassy Cats… up close and boopable. The less news the better, well about some things. I’m all about hearing the news that our new, redone built from the ground up Publix reopened… not a bare shelf in the place. Wishing you a peaceful weekend and a week filled with the activity of a deck being worked on!

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  2. Lookin’ good Gracie. Maybe your hu-mom will get more boxes so you each can have your own. It’s worth a try. Cats are just adorable they don’t have to work at it. Enjoy a quiet stress-free weekend.

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  3. Relax, little ones. A dull week is good once in a while. You’ll miss the quiet weeks on the ones where you have vet visits and other excitement.

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