Sassy cats – A new box

Gracie here. I had to mud wrestle the blog from the peep. It is clearly written in the blog agreement that Fridays belongs to us cats.

Anyhow, she was feeling generous or probably guilty about something because a brand new box appeared. It was sized for ME! I smelled it for a while and walked around it. Rubbed my scent on it so there would be no question of ownership.

Gracie: What do we have here. Looks like a new box just my size!

I took my first inside tour when the peep wasn’t around. Why give her the satisfaction. It was lovely. There would be no need for renovations. Maybe a bite mark here or there for character but nothing that needed contractors. The inside was a blue and white check. I will fur it myself. Gray is the “in” color and goes well with blue.

Gracie: The fit is perfect for a petite kitty!

Gracie: Don’t even think about it Gus. This is MINE, MINE, MINE! (I could see he was still thinking about it!)

Gracie: Go away you overindulged Diva!

I took a spin. Nice napping. Yup, the peep did good. I gave her a nose boop.

Note from blog owner: When Gracie went to check out the bus schedule for the casino, look who took a spin!  Do not mention to Gracie!

We all wish you a great weekend full of boxes and happy stuff!

















































52 thoughts on “Sassy cats – A new box

  1. Gracie – I think you deserve your own blog all the time as you are hysterical. I especially like your line “Maybe a bite mark here or there for character but nothing that needed contractors.” Your box reminds me of a tablecloth or Smuckers jam lid. I wouldn’t let the other cats take it either … it is so YOU!

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  2. Dear Gracie, I’m not sure my cats are cats. One does not care for boxes at all and the other is really only interested in them until whatever is in them is removed and she finds out whether it is food or not. Previous cats loved boxes so perhaps these two are large hamsters or very small sheep? Please advise.

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  3. Gracie, it is such a so very cute box! It’s just you! Makes me think of Smucker’s jellies. If Sasha tries to get in that box she is going to blow out all the corners! I am sure your Peep has some duct tape, I see her being all prepared like that. Have a great weekend Sassy Cats!

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    • It’s from Bath and Body. Their boxes are pretty and sturdy. At the moment, Gracie is sleeping on the bed on my desk next to my computer. No one is in the box now but it’s post-breakfast nap time all around.


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