Sassy cats — This week’s news

Gracie fast asleep on her back with her paws in the air!

It’s the peep today. Gracie hopped on the casino bus. She felt lucky. This one-eyed cat does well with the one-armed bandit!

Gracie is on laxatone three days a week for her hairballs. Like it sounds, it’s a mild laxative to keep things moving. The only way I can get anything in Gracie is to smear it on her fur. She’s meticulous about her cleaning and will clean it up right away without getting the sticky stuff on furniture. This week I had a good laugh. Sasha, always the opportunist, decided to help her clean up. I’m not sure who got more of the laxatone but Sasha shouldn’t be having any hairballs this week either.

When is it our turn?

They all like getting brushed. I use both a comb and a zoom groomer which is a rubbery thing with rubbery nubs. It’s a lot like my scalp massager that I have in the shower (and love!). Neither of these tools make any noise but as soon as I pick one up, it doesn’t take long for four cats to queue up for their turn. If only they’d do that for meds. Even Gracie who doesn’t like treats will line up for this!

Hey peep! Bring me some nip!

Each one has their own special hidey spots but they are always on the lookout for new ones. The grays are especially hard to find if they don’t want to be found. They are a shadow in a corner. This week, by accident, I found Morgan snoozing on a shelf in the beloved husband’s closet. Seeing her was a stroke of luck. Actually I was making noise and she opened up her eyes, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen her at all.

We all wish you a great weekend.

52 thoughts on “Sassy cats — This week’s news

  1. The greys! You make them sound like aliens (which they most likely are – I’ve always thought that cats were at least part-alien).

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  2. Laxatone is messy. I have to give it to Trouble and It ends up everywhere except in her mouth. I wish my cats liked being brushed. They will tolerate it, but not line up for it.

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    • I used to put it on the paw which isn’t a good idea. They can fling it all over. It’s on a back thigh now so she has to clean it off. Have you tried different brush styles? They love the zoom groomer (you can google it) but they also like the wide tooth comb. I spend a lot of time on the head first which must feel good, then they are putty in my hands. Gracie has a thin fine coat but she gets the most hairballs. Gus has a thick undercoat and sheds constantly, yet I haven’t seen a hairball from him yet.


  3. Teddy hides in the closet. He has his own pillow on a shelf in there. Jack hides under the bed. Sophie never hides. She is always out in the open. When someone knocks on the door, Teddy and Jack hide while Sophie goes to the door to greet whoever is there. Cats are like people each with their own personality.

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    • Not for me. I’ve had some scares that one got outside although they have no interest in doing that. Sasha is not good with strangers in the house for long periods of time and she gave me quite a scare last summer when we had houseguest for several days. That mostly black (she can hide the white part when she wants to) was a shadow in a corner.

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  4. If I’m looking for Teddy and don’t feel like cruising all three floors of the house – I shake the treat bag and within about 15 seconds he magically appears from WHEREVER he’s been. That’s as far as cooperation goes with him. He just “knows” if have to clip his claws or give him an ear cleaning or a pill and won’t even fall for the shaking treat bag. I think they have psychic powers!

    Hugs, Pam

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  5. Zoe loves the catnip flavor laxatone. She thinks it’s a treat. I can’t get it down Charlie in any flavor or form. He doesn’t have much of a hairball issue but they both get temptations hairball treats. I can’t imagine a cat, even an invisible one, that doesn’t like treats!

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    • Currently I have the tuna flavored laxatone and I don’t know why. Gracie doesn’t like seafood. The next tube is catnip flavored and I’ll see if there’s a difference. Treats are essentially kibble. Gracie prefers kibble but won’t eat treats. Maybe she doesn’t like to be hand fed.

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      • All cats are different, aren’t they? Zoe will stand up and grab my hand to bring her the treat faster. She’ll patiently eat treat by treat from my fingers, she’ll eat off the palm of my hand and she likes the weeble treat toy. Treats are wonderful even if they’re just kibble that I’m pretending is a treat. Charlie is pickier about treats though he wants whatever Zoe is having, hence he will eat pill pockets because Zoe was getting them. Haven’t tried to see if he’ll eat them with pills inside. He prefers his treats placed on the floor in front of him. I don’t suppose with 4 cats that is an option for you.

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        • I haven’t tried pill pockets on all four yet. Gus is probably a yes and maybe Sasha too. Gracie won’t eat pill pockets and not sure about Morgan. I always think it’s a good idea to get them used to pill pockets before you need to use them but I haven’t done that yet.

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    • Fortunately the gray ones are more social (at least mine are) so they rarely hide. Black and white Sasha hides whenever someone is here and sometimes I can’t find her until she’s ready to come out. Gus doesn’t understand the concept of hiding as there are no treats if you are hidden! πŸ™‚

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  6. Sasha just has to be in on absolutely everything. Nothing escapes her attention, and heaven forbid someone get something she doesn’t! She’s a total character.

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