Sassy cats — End of 2021

No good bag goes unused.

Gracie here: This is my last report for 2021. It was a good year for us cats but not everyone else. In February we moved to a new house. That was scary but we dutifully barfed in every room to break it in. Peep just shook her head.

Gus celebrated his one-year Gotcha Day in August. We all had a round of treats. Gus is ok. He doesn’t bother me. He’s too smitten with Sasha but that keeps her in line too.

Morgan keeping an “eye” on things.

There have been some construction projects here. A short one in the summer and a fall one that isn’t done yet. It’s been a hoot watching the lady peep spin out of control. I always reward her with a nice properly-placed hairball. Start off her day with a bang (or in this case a slosh!)

We’ve been a lucky house this year. None of us cats were seriously ill. None of us died (and none of us are planning to either!). The neighbors are nice. There are two outdoor feral cats (Izzy and Whiskers) that the next door lady feeds to entertain us. One left a major poop on our deck. Lady peep didn’t find that amusing but the rest of us did.

Our windowsills are deep and our treat bowl is full. What more can you ask for. We wish you all the best (and tuna for Suki) for 2022!

70 thoughts on “Sassy cats — End of 2021

  1. Oh, Gracie, you are hilarious. Sounds like you broke in the new house well, your peeps should be proud. Keep up the good work, what would they do without you? And thanks for wishes of tuna. It really is my lifeline. I wish tuna and a quickly finished kitchen for you and your peeps. Happy New Year and God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Very nice post Gracie – you’re so descriptive on how you initiated each room and greet the Peep. Hmm. Your philosophy of life is simple and smart: “Our windowsills are deep and our treat bowl is full. What more can you ask for.” (Happily the screened-in porch is forgotten in the other renovation projects.)

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  3. Oh Gracie! Please be kind. Your lady peep takes such good care of you. I hope you all have a very happy and smooth transition into the new year, and that you do your best to repay all the kindness shown you, you adorable scamp! πŸ™‚

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  4. Thanks for the year-end post, Gracie. I love your views of things. You mentioned Suki, and I just realized I haven’t read anything by him lately. I wonder if I’ve missed posts because the link is broken. I wouldn’t miss any cat posts willingly.

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  5. Deep windowsills and treats in bowls work for me too, so CHEERS! Lovely photos to end the year here at Sassy Cats blog. I am going to try to live more like a cat… in the moment for 2022. I will pass on upchucking though. Sending very Happy New Year wishes to the Sassy Cats and their Peeps! And a few hugs and scritches!

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