The sisterhood of the traveling sink

The sink waiting on the front porch at 6:30 a.m.

As part of our kitchen project we are getting a beautiful new sink. It’s a farmhouse style in coal black. It’s stunning and we picked our counter colors, faucet and handles to coordinate with it.

It was ordered in July but never came in. Lots of “expected dates” but none worked out. Our contractor finally called the manufacturer in early December. The color we selected is out of inventory and they won’t start manufacturing “that color” until the new year. In the middle of the project I had to revisit my sink selection which was the showpiece of the new kitchen.

After much bellyaching (on my part) I settled for something that would work. There were only two in the US. (This is not a truly unusual sink. I had something similar in my old house.) One was in Florida and one in California. I live in Pennsylvania. Florida is closer.

Some geographically-challenged numbnuts decided to send us the one from California. I’m not sure if they used the Pony Express or just a team of oxen. I only know that it was too heavy for carrier pigeons. It arrived in Texas two weeks later. Then it got lost. No one knows where it is. There is no tracking for Pony Express or oxen. (Can you believe that in this age of tracking everything?)

I should have bought it from Jeff Bezos (of Amazon) because there would have been a chance of actually getting it.

After a week of not knowing where it was I did order from Jeff. I was able to get the exact color I wanted. Delivery was a week out (Tuesday, Dec. 28) which included the Christmas holidays. I’ve been having good luck with Amazon deliveries so I was hopeful. Sunday night at 9 p.m. I got an email that it was shipped. Yay! The beloved husband got up on Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. and it was sitting on my front porch a full day ahead of schedule. Super yay! If I had bought this from Amazon from the beginning, my kitchen would be done.

As for the traveling sink, I wish it well on its journey.

Here is the kitchen sink waiting for installation!

74 thoughts on “The sisterhood of the traveling sink

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  2. beautiful sink – Laughed out loud at, “Some geographically-challenged numbnuts decided to send us the one from California. I’m not sure if they used the Pony Express or just a team of oxen. I only know that it was too heavy for carrier pigeons.” ha ha

    having been through multiple remodels BOY can I relate to this post……….. 🙂


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  3. That’s a big sink and it looks like it is durable and will last a long time. I like it and look forward to seeing the final result. I know people complain about Jeff and his crew, but they do come through don’t they? I ordered some N95 masks for behind the head – supposed to arrive Tuesday and came the next day, Monday late in the day.

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    • I’ve had more issues with third party sellers on the site than with Amazon itself. We have local Amazon warehouses and I don’t know if that makes a difference. I doubt they had this in their warehouse but pulled from a distributor warehouse. It must have been local because it was also available from Home Depot and Lowe with the same quantity listed as remaining and the same time frame. I chose Amazon because they deliver and are dependable from my experience. Home Depot’s store pick-up can be a nightmare. They lost something for me this past summer and it had to be reordered. I didn’t want to chance that.

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  4. Ok, there are no words for the sink that could now be considered a fugitive.
    My son has this sink, and it is gorgeous. I’m glad you didn’t have to settle and got what you wanted. Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished project. This sink is a STAR!

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  5. A great gift you received for Christmas! I am so happy for you two. I am wanting to see it installed and finished off with your faucet and any other accessory or cute thing you put near it. Yes, Kate, there is a Santa Claus and his name is Jeff! I am reading your comment above me… installing the sink!!!! WOOT!

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  6. I have heard all the stories about the evilness of Amazon, but it is reliable, a large local employer, has products I can’t find locally, and returns are easy. Sometimes, it is just what we need.

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      • I think it’s a sport to badmouth a successful business. I had the choice of buying from Home Depot, Lowe’s or two kitchen places, I chose Amazon because I felt I could trust them better to deliver. Curbside pick-up at our local HD is a several hours affair. This showed up on my front door step.

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        • Maybe they are making money hand-over-fist because Amazon actually gives us what we want! My husband prefers Home Depot for such purposes, though. He goes to Home Depot as often as he can to stroll the comforting aisles and buy exactly what he needs. It has been his haven during the pandemic and I dare not try to hold him back. My youngest son works there, too, so I guess it really does feel like a home away from home. I suppose it is like the library/bookstore is for me. The only difference is that I haven’t gone in a couple of years. Still, I’m very pleased for you that you can finish your re-do of the kitchen. I can’t wait to see pictures!

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  7. I had an entire sofa lost by Ikea once: “it shipped!” “Nope, false alarm.” “No it did ship!” “Wait it’s lost,” “no, it never shipped.” “Arriving in 2 days!” “Oh, wait, we don’t make that couch anymore.”

    Freakin’ maddening.

    I’m glad your story has a happier ending. Farmhouse sinks are a great choice to help avoid drip page from counter to cabinet below.

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    • Oh my! The sink was sort of similar. I switched to a different company and I’m not sure why that wasn’t considered way back. There are several companies that manufacture good quality farmhouse sinks but somehow we spent 5 months with our eggs in that basket.

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  8. I’ve come to rely on Amazon for almost all of my non-grocery store items since the pandemic started! The convenience and the fact that they have their own fleet of drivers makes the consideration of cost go way down on the priority list. And as you know, here in PA we never know what our weather is going to be like in the winter season, so having stuff delivered right to the door is another great bonus. But seriously, how could Amazon have an item they could get to you so quickly that is exactly what you want when you’ve been waiting otherwise for the same thing since July? So many companies are becoming more lackluster in customer service and satisfaction, thinking they have us over the proverbial ‘barrel’ because we have no other choice. I’m happy that you could prove them otherwise! Enjoy that beautiful new sink and the hopefully soon end of your kitchen renovation!

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    • We changed brands. Even Amazon didn’t have the original brand. What I don’t understand is why the kitchen supply place didn’t recommend switching to another brand. Too busy (or lazy) to research? It’s their specialty! I was disappointed in the all around customer service we got and won’t use them again. If I can find something readily available, they should be able to also. We would have gotten it in two days if it weren’t for the holidays.


  9. Glad you finally got one! I’ve been having bad luck getting things from Amazon recently. I placed an order a week ago for velcro collars so I could tell the three female kittens apart and it never arrived, and then they gave me a refund, after which they told me they had transferred the order to UPS who says it will arrive today. We shall see. I think Amazon got overwhelmed a bit in the run up to Christmas…not really a surprise. But I need those collars!!!

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    • We all need those collars! Sweet kitties! There is more of a delay when something is shipped by a third party but this sink was shipped by Amazon. It’s a different brand than the one originally ordered. It was available through Lowe’s, Home Depot and two local kitchen supply places (I’m sure they all get from the same distributor.) Amazon won because picking up from Lowe’s or Home Depot can take a long time. Factoring in the holiday I figured A was the best bet.


  10. Well hooray! What you wanted and can now be installed to bring the endless reno to a happy and smiley faced conclusion!!! It’s so amazing how things have been so screwy with deliveries and orders for so long. I hope that the new year brings some sort of resolution to this wide-reaching and supremely irritating “side effect” !!!!

    Hugs, Pam

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