Sassy cats — Builders edition

Gracie here: This week has been hectic. There are peeps here called contractors. Their toys are noisy. No catnip either. Sasha has taken up hiding on an almost permanent basis. Peeps are worried that she will turn feral because they have a hard time getting her out for dinner or anything else. Maybe some quiet weekend time will help. She hasn’t been canoodling with Gus (who is heartbroken about that).Β 

Make them go away! (Yes, that’s Gus’ paw in the back!)

The diet was trashed. The peeps say “after the kitchen job.” Too much commotion, change of feeding stations and of course wonky Sasha so the peep can’t regulate who eats what.

Judgy Gus: That island isn’t square!

Gus was rejoicing. He’s not much for dieting. More of him to love. He’s been keeping an eye on the workers. The think bubble over his head has funny sayings as he’s very judgmental. (Bill, do you really think that’s centered? Move it to the right two cat hairs!) He spent an hour staring at a dark hoody on the floor in back of a plastic curtain to make sure it wasn’t alive. He was willing to protect us from marauding hoodies. Whadda guy! (Dimwit!)Β 

Morgan is just Morgan. Nothing deters her from doing her thing. Her schedule is get up early and play with her blankie (loudly to wake up the peep); eat breakfast and wash up; deep food coma until after lunch; annoy peeps and other cats; and then it’s dinnertime. She adapted to the food station change although she goes to the old station first.

We’ll have a break from the work over the weekend. Hope you all have a break too!

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Builders edition

  1. I’m sorry I wasn’t here to encourage you earlier, Gracie, but I hope you and the peeps got some rest from the noise and confusion this weekend. Tomorrow is another day! πŸ™‚ Behave yourself!

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  2. Your constant activity wears me out. How do you do it? I get tired just going to the eye doctor and need a couple days to rest. My sister is doing a kitchen remodel that has been going on for 3 months. First they sent the wrong thing, then they broke it, on and on and on. They are eating frozen dinners and washing dishes in the bathroom. I think her cat lives under the bed now.

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    • It’s not easy and when it rains it pours. My cell phone conked out yesterday. I had to decide on what I wanted, wait in a line for 2-1/2 hours and then when I went home they hadn’t given me a SIM card. Today I go back. I’m hoping I don’t have to do the queue thing again. Yesterday the electricians were grumping about how hard it was. They looked at and quoted the job. No backsies now! My mantra in “never again.”

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  3. I feel sorry for you. It’s great that you’ll have a cat diary to remember this time. We had one cat when we turned our two-family house into one. I didn’t get Thor’s take on the renovation, but it wasn’t as hard on him as for your cats. He was an indoor/outdoor cat and probably just stayed outside during the day while the work was going on. Hang in there!

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