Sassy cats — All about Gracie

This week I got some good photos of Gracie. It’s not easy. She’s that shade of gray that doesn’t photograph very well but I was able to capture her personality!

We had a big delivery. Gracie said: “So many boxes so little time!”

Then she settled on one.

Gracie: This is perfect! Not too big and not too small!

That was exhausting. All this box work so time for a nap. Nobody naps like Gracie. She could sleep through a war.


And the lovers.

Too hot to be close!

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend!

51 thoughts on “Sassy cats — All about Gracie

    • She doesn’t understand why humans don’t sleep like that. Since she was housed with a lot of cats (hoarding situation) I’m surprised that she doesn’t sleep with one eye open. She is a very self-confident cat. I wish I was like that too.

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    • Gracie is one of those cats that I doubted myself after I adopted her. No one knows how old she is. She had at least one litter. The rescue thought maybe 1 to 2 years old but my vet, based on her teeth thought more like 4 to 6. She came from a hoarding situation but despite that she was very socialized but picky about food. (How can a hoarding cat be picky?) Anyhow she’s quirky and fun and best of all gets along with everyone. She’s the smallest at 7 lbs. but can hold her own. No one puts Gracie in a corner. (Maybe that’s a results of the hoarding situation!)


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