Sassy cats — Normalizing

It’s been a painting week for the peeps so the cats were on their own. Morgan is getting back to her normal routine of disrupting me and my desk when I’m on the computer. There is a lick mark on my screen and my post-its are all chewed. Life as I remember it has returned.

Morgan: What? Those post-its are mine! Get over yourself!

Gus: Yo, dudette! Where are my treats! I rang the squirrel warning and got nada!

Gus is usually at command center at the back windows. He tracks the outdoor wildlife and he’s good at it. On Wednesday, he told me the squirrel had taken the lid off of the outside birdseed and was helping himself and dang he was right!

Gracie is off today but no post is complete without these two!

We all wish you a great weekend!

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Normalizing

  1. We watched our little black rescue cat take advantage of the freshly cut lawn to make attempt 1023 at chasing down one of the resident squirrels in the back garden yesterday. We admire his tenacity, but also the twisted sense of humor the squirrels undoubtedly have πŸ™‚

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  2. Sliding into normal sounds good to me. It’s taken 6 months for things to feel normal in the new house. Still going to the wrong cabinets in the kitchen but I am beginning to think that’s a new normal thanks to age. Life’s good with a lick mark on the screen and nibbled post-its! Thanks for Sassy Cat photos… I just love them!

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    • I still try to turn left at the bottom of the stairs to go to the office. It’s a wall. There is no room there but every couple of days I seem to need to make sure there’s no room there. I’ll call it age too.

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      • I go into the guest bedroom carrying wet towels from the hall bath… should hang a right and go through the kitchen to the laundry room. Sometimes I just really have to wonder. I really think it’s because I am distracted. Like you say… it’s the squirrel in my head!

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    • I can always buy more post-its. Seeing them at various places around the house on the floor or furniture (I get the neon color ones) is normal here. Dang squirrels. At least the deer can’t climb the deck.


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