Sassy cats — Kicky stix

Gus is investigating. These are the first “fresh” ones for him.

Once or twice a year, I buy new kicky stixs. They are long “sticks” stuffed with catnip. The cats hug one end and chew on the catnip and bunny kick the other end with their back legs. They love them. At least three of them are obsessed with them. Morgan not so much but little Gracie is a maniac.

Here is Gracie with her stix. “Mine, mine, mine!”

They came in the mail. On our way out for an errand, the beloved husband put the bag on the counter. When we came home a few hours later, the mail was on the floor, the bag was chewed apart and the new kicky stixs were all slobbery. All the cats were in a stupor reminiscent of Timothy O’Leary days.

Gracie enjoying the afterglow between the bed pillows.

And a picture of the lovers whispering sweet nothings.

Everyone here wishes you all a very kicky weekend filled with ‘nip!


48 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Kicky stix

  1. Proactive cats will not be denied. Their great weekend has just begun.

    Boss Cat has just read this post and feels deprived. I’ve tried in vain to remind her that the dog steals all her catnip toys and destroys them, but she’s still glaring.

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