Sassy Cats — Everyone’s busy!

It is I, Sasha, queen of the estate! The servants are whining busy so it was up to me to pick up the slack. The lady peep has been painting again. She liked her work so much she decided to paint the entire second story loft. I wonder if Picasso complained about achy bones as much. Probably not. We got inferior servants (or maybe just old ones) but they have opposable thumbs and are very kind. If only they didn’t put the empty boxes in the (forbidden) garage, they would be perfect.

Gracie, our regular on-site reporter, has been fascinated with her reflection in the fireplace glass. Doofus. The blog work fell to me. Neither Morgan nor Gus are much interested in reporting the news. If they can’t eat it or bat it around they are not interested.

Speaking of Gus, he’s my main squeeze. Isn’t he adorbs? I just lubs him!



Gracie checking out her image in the glass

Morgan is good. Leg all good so I’m allowed to steal her food again. Stupid rules. No stealing when someone isn’t up to snuff. I checked too. I sniffed her butt and she’s fine.Β  Perhaps the peep will return to her blog when her painting is done. Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend. You may curtsy and leave now. All hail queen Sasha.

64 thoughts on “Sassy Cats — Everyone’s busy!

  1. Thanks for the update Sasha. Gus does look like a keeper! Good going. Glad to see you’re keeping everyone in line. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!!!!!!!!! And I agree, now that Morgan is fine, her food is fair game!

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  2. Nice of you to keep your loyal public informed as to what’s up with the family. Sounds like everyone is rather busy which is typical for a move-in. Soon things will be normal (or abnormally normal or something like that). Hang in there Queen Sasha…..and we do think Gus is adorbs – he looks almost EXACTLY like my brother Sammy who is flying around at the Rainbow Bridge!

    Hugs, Teddy

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