Sassy cats — The Romeo and Juliet of the cat world

Here is Sasha in her role as Juliet.

And here is the hunk of burning love.

And this is how it looks when you put them together.

This is on my bed!

This is the dining room rug. Have they no shame!

Gracie took a bath through the show!

Love is in the air. Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend!

55 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The Romeo and Juliet of the cat world

    • It is. Sometimes Gracie will get in the mix (not so cozy but maybe a face wash) but never Morgan. Gus is an odd duck. Three years (from kittenhood) in a warehousing shelter didn’t make him especially people friendly but he sure likes cats. The grays are just grateful Sasha doesn’t pester them as much.


  1. SWEEEEEET! Spring and love are both in the air there huh? Well, I have a hunky ginger boy here too but he’s now on a diet and hating every second of it. I guess I’m his Juliet and he’s really “working” on me to feel sorry for him about eating. I say “too bad lover boy – we’re sticking with the diet!”…………….you will just have to endure all the lovey dovey stuff between your Romeo and Juliet – which is actually quite adorable.

    Hugs, Pam

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