Sassy cats — More of the same

We ready for the move and will be off-line for a period of time. Morgan had her last (hopefully) re-splinting on her leg Thursday. Next week it will be a sock bandage for her for two weeks. Then we should be done.

They were fast asleep. How could this be comfortable?

In the meantime Gus and Sasha are resting up for the move. These are new pictures from this week. I know they all look the same but I tossed in a butt angle one!

Sasha is a very brave cat. Gus can be gassy.

Have a great weekend and see you on the other side.

78 thoughts on “Sassy cats — More of the same

  1. As I slowly catch up here I see that Morgan was expected to have the sock bandage another two weeks, which you also just told me a few minutes ago. At least putting everything in order now does not involve interacting with others, so that will be a good thing. You can exhale now. πŸ™‚

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  2. Ah. The innocent sleep, unaware of the near death experience of moving that looms in their future. My thoughts are with you. But I’m glad it is thee and not me going thru a move. Be safe and don’t try to do all of everything in one day.

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  3. Best of luck with the move! Remember, you don’t have to have everything in place right away as long as it’s all in the new house! Get your bed, your coffee equipment, your toiletries and the cats all set up – the rest will wait for another day!

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  4. I hope the move goes okay…weather looks pretty awful for it! I once moved from Syracuse to Berkeley in January amidst snow storms (in Syracuse) and it wasn’t too much fun. I’ll be very glad for you when you are living in one location again, even if it means lots of unpacking until you are really settled. And I love the Gus and Sasha shots!!

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    • We had such a dry January! It’s like the skies have opened up big time! I moved in snow before but maybe about 6 inches. We still have the 26″ plus what we got on top of that. It makes parking tighter and the occasional slick spot on the pavement.

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      • This is absolutely no fun. And I will probably have to cancel some midday dog walks this coming week due to weather, which makes me grouchy. Income is small enough these days without weather making it harder!

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        • I’m sure hoping the pass farther north or south. It’s an overall busy week. Besides the move on Mon-Tues, Morgan has her apt Wed a.m. and settlement on the house if Friday. I hope you don’t lose any work. Those dogs need their walks!

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