Sassy cats — Where are we?

Gracie here. We should have known something was up when all the carriers were out. Morgan’s been getting her leg wrapped every week so we thought nothing of it. Hah! It was about 7 a.m. when the peep enticed us with breakfast. Gus was first. Food went down, Gus went up and in the carrier before he knew what was going on. Sasha was next. Gus yelped but it was too late. Sasha was in the carrier.

Morgan doesn’t move fast with her bum leg so she was in a crate in a New York minute. I made the peep play cat and mouse for a bit but within five minutes we were all in carriers. What is this? A mass cat vaccination? Gus gets a little scared because he’s afraid he’s going back to the rescue. We wouldn’t let that happen.

She drove us someplace. It was dark. We sang the song of our people. Loudly. She turned up the radio. We turned up our volume. It was a nerve wracking ride all the way around.

We landed and one by one the carriers went into the house, then up the stairs to a room. It had big windows and cat beds and trees. Gus said it looked like a cat room at a rescue but there were no other cats. She locked us in! We are free range cats (at least in the house). How could she lock us in a room!

Just before noon, the noise started. People were coming in. Lots of people. It was scary. We all ducked into the cat beds and the closet but no one came in our room. This went on for hours, then it was quiet. Finally they opened the door.

Gus grooming Sasha. It gave her comfort.

We weren’t home. This didn’t smell like us. We scurried around trying to make it smell better. I hacked up a hairball just to make it feel like home. The peep rolled her eyes. We have been here all week. We all slept in one bed for a few nights — the peeps and us but we are more brave now. The windows are good and the furniture is the same. Maybe this will work. If it doesn’t we’ll let the peep know. There is light carpeting upstairs. He he.

Gus: Seriously folks. Some privacy please!

Morgan update: She ditched the splint and has a soft bandage on. Two weeks of this and she should be good. She is walking more normal and it isn’t as bulky. She is such a good sport. I took some pictures as the vet techs were changing it but she wasn’t her usual cooperative self. They were all blurred.

99 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Where are we?

  1. Thanks Kate…..I needed a laugh today…..”we sang the song of our people!” Oh right – I should be addressing the cats – thanks guys for a cat’s eye view. Maybe you guys should get a recording contract! Move over, New Cats on the Block are here!

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  2. Gracie – I feel for you kiddo. I am glad it is over for you (oh and the peeps as well). I hope you’ve sniffed out the new digs and it meets with your approval. Is there a sunny windowsill to grow catnip and cat grass on and a place to stretch out and get the sun’s rays? I’m sure the peeps ensured that criteria was met before they signed on the dotted lines because cats rule in this home.

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  3. Good thinking with the hairball, Gracie! You have to let them know how you feel, right? Well, I sure hope you like your new home. Make sure to check every corner and rub your scent around so everyone knows it’s yours. You should call dibs on the best window before someone else does! Some are better for bird watching than others.

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  4. I joined the others in laughing out loud throughout this entire post. I am so glad that you are all in your new home safe and sound. I’m also delighted to hear that Morgan has ditched the splint and is getting better and better. I look forward to further updates.

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  5. “We sang the song of our people.”

    I truly almost did spit out my coffee, but I never do that, so. it did, however, make me laugh so hard that my cat Roo, who is never more than 6 inches away from me – no really, I mean it, never – got scared at my laughing and ran away. Haven’t seen her in over an hour. So, thanks for that!

    And Happy New Home, ketzes!

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  6. I’m so glad you didn’t have any problem finding everyone to go into their carriers! We’ve known cats to pick up on what’s going on and hide. It sounds like everyone is adapting well, and I just love the relationship Gus and Sasha have!

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    • That’s exactly why I had to work fast. Once Gus got in and yodeled, Sasha would have gone in hiding. I didn’t have a lot of time for hide and seek. Gus and Sasha are so unusual for me. I never had cats that slept together before.

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  7. Gracie, Thank you very much for letting us know what you’ve been through the last week. It was tough, I know, but your peeps love you very much. By now, I hope you’ve found your favorite window and a good place to catch the sun’s rays for a nap. Be kind to your peeps. They’ve been through more than you will ever know.

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    • Thanks. Right now I am bathing on top of the loveseat back. It has a throw and it’s a favorite of mine. It’s snowing so no sunspots but this will have to do. Kind to the peeps? Whatever for? Servants!


  8. Oh yes. I’d much rather hear about the move from you, Gracie, and not the one who tricked you into a new home. At least the peeps let you sleep in the bed together at first. And I’m so glad Morgan is doing better. Tell Kate congrats on the move! You though have my sympathies! XO

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  9. Woo Hoo! You’re on the home stretch now!

    When we moved from North Carolina to New Jersey, Jazz & Cayenne sang for the entire 12 hours. I kid you not. I didn’t think cats could stay awake for 12 hours straight, much less “sing the song of their people” for that amount of time. It was awful. But it was just 2 cats. You had 4. You deserve a medal. And a margarita!

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  10. Congratulations! You’re MOVED IN! It will be a while before things are where you want them to be for sure…..and the cats don’t feel like they’re on another planet….but you are SO close to that light at the end of the tunnel – – – I know you’re happy about that!

    Hugs, Pam

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  11. Glad to know all is good and the cats are making it home. Glad too that Morgan’s leg is wrapped in a softee and she’s getting about OK. The skinniness is normal (had it with my dog Lucy when her bandage came off) but will soon fill out again. Remember a beauty clinic wrapping me up like a mummy for two hours to lose inches. The fact I could hardly breathe is totally incidental……. but I did lose inches, even if it was only for two days.
    Keep safe!!

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  12. Finally! I was getting excited for all of you as I read Gracie’s play by play! I am so happy you are all together in the new home. Very good news about Morgan’s leg. Ugh, I remember the noisy people part… I wish somebody had locked me in a room until it was over! Enjoy your weekend, Sassy Cats and people, you are home.

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  13. It sounds like the move went as smoothly as a move can go. I laughed out loud at the comment “We sang the song of our people. Loudly.” I have an anxiety attack listening to just Theo in the car. I can’t imagine an entire choir singing the Feline Blues!!

    Hope everyone is settling in well πŸ™‚

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  14. β€œ…a New York minute.” β€œWe sang the song of our people.” I feel like I have been embodied as a cat. Your description is sooo vivid. I, too, believe this will work. Glad to hear Morgan is on the mend, Kate.

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