Still learning

We are down to the crunch. Moving day is Monday and Tuesday. Current home is a disaster with boxes, full and empty, sitting around. There is no semblance of order and decorum and the cats are using this opportunity to sleep on the dining room table. (No they are not allowed there.) I think the cats like the house this way. More boxes to hide in or around.

The odd thing is that whatever I boxed a few days back and moved to the new house is now desperately needed at the current house. How does that happen?

Yesterday both the beloved husband and I sat in front of the computer all morning and part of the afternoon changing addresses. This isn’t the first day we’ve done that. Who knew we had so many accounts? We are really simple people.

Part of the computer time was trying to score a covid vaccine for me but no luck with that. There seems to be secret techniques, none of which I know. I have tried everything people tell me that worked for them but it’s not meant to be. I’m being cautious and staying safe.

Just a few more days and I’ll be on the other side of this life changing (threatening?) event. It’s the move I’m talking about, not the virus. It will be months until we are on the other side of that.

I’m hoping my happy muse rejoins me from the Bahamas where she is vacationing and sending indecent posts!


59 thoughts on “Still learning

      • I forgot that Morgan’s celebration of being sprung from her bandage coincides with your first day without the movers. Your vet is really busy. I only went to my vet for my canary and I planned around the weather so made it when I knew it wouldn’t rain, be windy, be too cold, late in the day. Parakeets are portable as you can pick them up and put them in a little carry box, but canaries don’t like being picked up, so had to go in the cage. The last two years I had Buddy, he wigged out every time I took him and hyperventilated … one time he had to get a mask and oxygen. I hated taking him to the vet. Pretty sure something happened on a nail cutting appointment (pet parents not allowed in the room for nail trims, unlike a regular yearly physical check-up). I really liked the vet and her husband, both who were avian specialists.

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  1. Wishing you luck on this final push to make it to the finish line. We have registered for the vaccine in only one place through our counties dept of health. We are 50,000 and something for our registration. More vaccine is finally coming to our county. I am hoping we will be vaccinated by late spring. There is a little part of me that worries about long term effects of the vaccine.

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  2. I hope your move goes well. Has any of your snow melted yet? I am not sure if it is me but your blog looks strange in mobile view no pictures. It is fine on a computer. I have got my first jab this morning. They are doing it by age here.

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    • I was just on the websites early this morning and no vaccines available is all I get. They are doing by age here too. I’m not in the first group of 75+ but in the second group. As I understand it they opened up to 65+ and all of the first group hasn’t yet been taken care of. Our state is difficult because you have to contact each provider to see if they have any vaccines. That means this morning I was on 6 different websites searching. There is no centralization.


  3. It’s tragic how in some states people are having relative ease in getting the shot, but in others it’s turning into this Greek drama. Sorry you’re struggling so much. I hope you’re able get an appointment soon. And good luck this weekend with the final packing! Or do you think you’ll be sealing boxes right up until the moving van arrives? 🙂 – Marty

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    • It was easier to get an appointment early on if you were 75 on up. I don’t make the criteria. By the time they opened up to 65 and up, the lines are flooded. Our local health bureau started a line specifically for appointments today. I hear the wait is an hour or two. The recording I got was that they were experiencing a high volume to call back later followed by a click. If you are going to set this up, hire some temps and staff it properly. In my state there is no centralization. I have to call or go on-line for each location that MIGHT have vaccines. No way of knowing without investing a lot of time.

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        • Part of the problem of moving is that I need to go out more than I normally would. We also have workmen in our home. We’ll have movers at both places and settlement later next week. All very people-y. I can’t control it so I’m not focusing on it. Maybe by the time the move is done, things will loosen up.

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  4. Once it is all moved, short naps can commence when needed because there’s no deadline in unpacking and you’ll be tired from the cleaning. I always thought the moving was the biggest part, but the cleaning like no one ever lived there is a hassle too. There’s nothing wrong with being lucky so I’m hoping you press the right button one day soon and you get a vaccine date. 🙂

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  5. Monday and Tuesday are the BIG DAYS – may the weather gods smile down upon you for this event with everything falling into place. You muscled through a major snow event – so you DESERVE a peaceful final move in!!

    Hugs, Pam

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  6. this state is that moment when our nerves are naked…. specially if you have a husband whose first official act is to run wire through the whole house to create diy homeoffice between and on boxes… (was nearly on the way to become featured in an episode of snapped)

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  7. Be gentle with yourself and your cats. At least you know what’s happening. The vaccine is not that important right now. Seriously! Your cats and the transition you are all going through are 💕 Find steadiness 💛

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  8. Yes! Yes! I hope your snow goes south. I’m very willing to accept it. I would not only accept it, I’d be thrilled to have it. Besides, I really want your move to go smoothly. Anything for the cause! Keep us posted when you can. There must be thousands pulling for you.

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  9. The last time I moved was 25 years ago and I had a lot less stuff. Plus I worked at a furniture store so the delivery guys used the store truck and I didn’t have to have everything ready at one time. Now I have a bigger place and a lot more stuff and I am retired so no helpful delivery guys. My plan is that the next move will be the final one and someone else will have to take care of everything.
    I have an appointment for my first vaccine shot at the end of this month. I looked for a place 2 weeks ago and was shocked to get the appointment so quickly.

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  10. Well at least the cats have found a relatively safe place on the dining room table. They will feel right at home when the spot bbn it in the new house. Bill can’t get the vaccine yet either…almost like he is jinxed. I had my first shot thru my dr .

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