Sassy cats — Easy week (for cats!)

A sunny spot!

Morgan had her bandage changed again this morning and it was uneventful. She’s not chewing or disturbing it so she’s not wearing a cone. She walks somewhat normal despite the splint. She is allowed out of her confinement room for most of the day. I turn the cat tree over so she can’t climb. She enjoys sleeping in her favorite sunny spots. It’s been two weeks and she has two more weeks to go. Poor sweet baby. About the time it’s over, we’ll be moving to a new house.

Something to note, the other three cats will come and keep her company. They will smell her and she returns the favor. Sasha will snuggle up. Although Morgan is not a snuggle cat, she seems to appreciate the attention.

It wouldn’t be a sassy cats without a “get a room” picture from our lovers.


50 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Easy week (for cats!)

  1. It’s so nice to hear that Morgan is getting along and will hopefully feel strong and ready for the move as it comes up! And it’s lovely to know that the cats are supportive of each other. They are really delightful!

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    • I’m sure they do. The place is a disaster with boxes, paper (Gracie loves that too) and general disorder. One cat tree completely disappeared. It’s at the new house for moving day when I will take the cats over there before the movers come. They know something is us. Gracie, however, is enjoying it all.

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  2. Oh happiness and love prevail in the Crimmins household….at least until moving day? I am really glad Morgan is doing so well. She seems to know that splint is there to help her. And the 2 lovebirds are priceless.

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    • He of the staples bounced back remarkably well. I don’t like head hits but he didn’t even get a headache. They gave her hot pink again. When she comes home from the vet she smells different and the other cats can smell it. Sasha tried to clean her up so she wouldn’t smell so funny.

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    • She is the most easy going of them all. I don’t have to trick her to get her in the carrier. She eats anything. She loves all other cats and people. Up until this, she’s been very healthy. She hasn’t even needed a dental yet and she’s 8.


    • Gracie. Always. We have a large one that she gets on a chair to jump into it and then jumps on the chair to get out. There is a smaller one in the family room and she sleeps there. She loves this moving stuff. Morgan is amazing. She holds her leg out for them to change the bandage. They are so excited to see her.

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    • I am so blessed with this group of cats. Not all cats get along so well. They hold vigils outside the room when I open it up to let her out. The carrier was out today so everyone was a little nervous not sure who was going to the vet.

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