Sassy cats — New Year’s!

Mollie with her bunny. Bunny was buried with her. They had a special bond and were lifelong friends.

No post today would be complete without a little review. For the cats it was a crazy year. We lost Mollie, who had been very healthy until she wasn’t, in May. Vet offices were reworking protocols and the care she got wasn’t stellar. I had trouble getting vets to listen to me. I am convinced she was misdiagnosed and treated inappropriately. It was heartbreaking for all as she was a favorite who mothered all the other cats. RIP Mollie.

Gus came to join us in the summer. He wasn’t young at 3. He was a confirmed bachelor. First Gracie took a shine to him and stayed in the cat room with him often during his acclimation period. They were buds until he was given general access throughout the house. Sasha, always the rebel, gave him growlies for a while but the attraction was too strong. They are a couple.

This is a new photo but really they all look alike!

The grays don’t like the sleeping in a puddle of cats but both Sasha and Gus do so all worked out well. Gus is doing very well here.

Adopting an adult cat is not like adopting a kitten or young cat. As my mom would say, “he’s set in his ways” and that didn’t include huggies, face smooshies and nose boops. We converted him. The rescue folks said it couldn’t be done. Ha!

Morgan sort of supervising all the nonsense. With enthusiasm! Ok without enthusiasm.

Everyone else has been healthy. They’ve been enjoying all the empty boxes that are sitting around but wonder what it all means. Queue scary music here.

Our house wishes your house a great weekend.

55 thoughts on “Sassy cats — New Year’s!

  1. I know seeing the picture of Mollie and her bunny gave you a catch in your throat. You lost Mollie but still had enough love in your heart to give Gus a home and welcome him into the fold. Did you tell the cats there is no screened-in porch yet?

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  2. I’m glad the Sassies are doing well. They look great. Hope the move goes well for them. I find that extra treats helps soften the blow of bad news. Or you could leave treats in every new room when you move so they could have fun exploring the new place. Like a scavenger hunt. Just trying to help out my fellow felines. (I find treats makes everything better) Happy New Year.

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  3. I wish I could have “loved” this post rather than just “liked” it. Even though I have been with you (via the blog, of course) through the whole year, I enjoyed your review. I miss Mollie but Gus has made quite an impression on your heart and home. I’m so happy he and Sasha like to sleep in puddles… they make a lovely pair.

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    • For a cat that gave him growlies, she sure turned around. Sasha is a lot of bark but no bite at all. She’s a party girl so she can’t stay mad or annoyed long. If she were a person, we’d love her and she’d get us in trouble.

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  4. It has been a year of change for your cats. So sad that Mollie’s care was not what it should have been. However, you know she had a wonderful life with you guys 🙂 And the new young man is fitting right in. Of course you converted him – how could he resist!

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    • I feel like I would have been very in her face if I was allowed in the room. I wasn’t convinced she was even looking at my cat when she talked to me. It’s sad for me but Mollie had a great 16 years except for maybe the last 3 months.

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  5. Adapting and changing is something I learned I could do too but my body had its limits. New routines, new home, new kitty sound very nice. I am so sorry about what happened with Mollie because I know you knew something was not right and you couldn’t get anyone to hear you. Doctors should listen to us, we know our bodies… we freakin’ live in them, we know our spouses and we know our pets. Is it too much to ask doctors that they give us the consideration and respect to listen? Gus and Sasha♥ Beautiful Mollie and Morgan. Another Sassy Cat Friday… starting the New Year out right!

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    • In relocating I wanted to be close to my gym and the Starbucks and my walking group. I’m about 5 minutes further but that’s not the end of the world. My gym closed permanently and the walking group fell apart. Many were older so I’m not sure if they will return ever. Sometimes you have no control and you have to go with the flow. Like you I need time and prefer to go slow. Maybe it’s age. When I was young everything seemed like an adventure. Now I just see the work part! My new home is beautiful even if it doesn’t have a pond and I’m sure I won’t miss the spring cleaning and care it took. Some other interest will take up the place. Doctors? Yikes! Vets? More yikes!

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  6. There’s not much about 2020 that I WANT to remember other than we somehow managed to stay healthy. I hope 2021 will eventually feel a lot better but unless we have some major behavioral changes I guess we’ll have to wait a while to notice things getting better. I just love the photos of your gang. Moving is a pain – PERIOD. But after a few weeks in a new home you forget the agony and focus on the ecstasy (haha). Here’s hoping everything works out all the way around – for you AND all of us.

    Hugs, Pam

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  7. Loved reading about your kitties but that’s so sad about Mollie. I know it’s really hard to lose kitties and it’s awful when vets (and doctors) don’t listen. I’ve seen older kitties do big turnarounds, too. Best wishes for a better New Year!

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  8. We were particularly sad with Mollie’s passing. Glad to hear Gus has fit right in with the ‘girls’ but especially with Sasha. Morgan may be a cat after my own heart with her life approach. Happy New Year to you and all the feline residents. Continue to stay safe and healthy and have fun unpacking in the new digs.

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  9. So cute Kate. They do make a lovely couple, and it’s great that Gus has settled in so well.
    I remember the problems you had getting vet care for Mollie. Damn virus. We have heard several horror stories of vets separating their pets from their owners when it really mattered, and we are so grateful ours allowed us to stay with Maggie. We kept two of her toys, and they are with the teddies on the dresser.

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  10. Hi, Kate – I don’t know if this story ever got back to you. This past summer when I was chatting with some blogging friends, the question was asked: ‘If you were reincarnated as an animal, what animal would you wish to be?” A blogger immediately answered “one of Kate’s cats!” This post proves why. Wishing a very happy New Year to you and the gang!

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  11. Happy New Year Kate and kitties! Let’s hope for an easier year in 2021, at least once you’ve moved and sold the current house! Love the photo of Sasha and Gus, and I’m so glad they took to each other so well.

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  12. I didn’t realize it was so difficult for Mollie at the vet’s. It was like that for Bat Cat, too, and I still second guess her care. I hate it when medical care providers don’t listen–some of them could learn flexibility from Gus!

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    • I did massive research and she had Cushing’s which is rare in cats but not unheard of. I was sent to a specialist who insisted that cats don’t get it, refused to recognize the very explicit telltale signs and I wasn’t face to face with the vet. I felt helpless. In retrospect about an hour from our home there is a very good, top of the line animal hospital and I should have tried to get her in there. I partially blame the virus. It made her care so difficult. I was so grateful to Jeff Bezos (yes I said that) because he is the only one who came through. Amazon automatically overnights diabetic supplies. The specialist offered to sell to me at twice the cost. Will never go back there again.

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      • Totally understand. I switched vets after losing Bat Cat, too.

        I did not know cats could get Cushings! I shall file that tidbit away.

        And yes, sometimes Amazon does come through (I still want to tax them a lot more, though).


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