Sassy cats — Waiting for the turkey!

Just a few pictures as the cats wonder if they will have Fancy Feast turkey or the regular chicken.

Is the turkey here yet?

I don’t think the turkey comes in the back yard. It comes in a can.

Gracie was hoping for prime rib!

Why do we always have poultry? Let’s live a little! Beef or hey what about shrimp?

Morgan is the lookout!

All hail Morgan, queen of the catdom keeping watch for the turkey!

45 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Waiting for the turkey!

  1. There will be slim pickings for our dear dog this year. We aren’t doing anything traditional and the “usual” Thanksgiving is just not happening. You’ve given me an idea, however, that maybe I need to pick up something special for her. I’m not sure what the doggy equivalent of “Fancy Feast” even is. I have a couple of days. 🙂

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  2. RC Cat has been scouting the pantry as she heard “the big bird” has arrived. Everyone here loves turkey ( I tried for grilling steaks, but got outvoted)
    The middle two pictures and captions are hilarious – love the tail curl and the wretched out paws ( practice for first food grab and for lengthening paw reach?). Smiles for having company!

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  3. Oh happy memories of two dogs watching the TV dinner cooking……. ie the turkey in the oven through the glass door!….. on Christmas morning. I pushed the cooked bird to the back of the worktop and went up to have my shower. When I came down, there was one very smug looking GSD curled up on her blanket and one very sheepish rough collies ‘smoking’ a drumstick.
    The meat was still in place as the bone had come out clean, but there was no way the collie could have reached. I wonder who had first lick?

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  4. Once upon a time, many moons ago, our Great Dane, seeing that we were occupied with eating in the dining room, grabbed the 1/2-carved turkey off the counter and chowed down!

    Another time, she stole an entire London broil, that was “resting” next to the grill, and charged out into the yard with it to augment her “meagre” diet. 😀

    I hope the cats get treated royally!

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    • We used to have a wild turkey that came in the yard every day around 4 p.m. We called her Georgia. She would clean up under the bird feeders. She hasn’t been around the last 5 years. We miss her. The cats would watch her and say, “Dang, that is the funniest looking cat I’ve ever seen!”

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