Sassy cats — Love is in the air

Sasha has always been “that cat” that wants to sleep in a pile of cats. Before Gus she would snuggle up to the other cats and get rebuffed. Maybe it’s her feral start. It’s warmer to snuggle outdoors. Maybe it’s her personality. In any case she has found her true snuggler.

Gus was an eight week old stray found in a field in bad shape. He had wounds and fleas and it’s doubtful he would have made it had he not been taken to a shelter. That’s all we know of his background. At the shelter there are a lot of cats so maybe he learned about snuggling there. There is nothing like a good snuggle to make anyone feel better especially such a young cat.

This week I’ve been able to catch a few shots of the snuggling between the two. The grays have no interest and prefer sleeping alone. Here are the snuggling couple.

Gus is so good with Sasha that he lets her sleep in his bed.

But that picture didn’t tell the whole story. This one does.

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend!

61 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Love is in the air

  1. Sometimes my two snuggle and sometimes they fight, which makes me nuts. Mostly they each get into their own basket and sleep. They loved my laundry basket so much, I gave them each one. It’s better than having cat hair on the furniture.

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  2. Wonderful! Because Sasha was in a rescue with tons of cats all free in the same big space, her experience was probably a lot like Gus’s was. (Sasha was there for a good while before she came to my solo cat room.) But I bet they both are finding comfort in something they enjoyed as youngsters. So glad they have each other!!

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