Random 5 for November 15 – Stress, neighbors, weather, procrastination, Fitbit

Stop the bus! – You know that old saying that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle? I think I’m his new testing ground. Not only has this year been stressful with people dropping dead from an illness we hadn’t heard of a year ago and a bizarre election, but it seems to continue to throw stressful monkey wrenches at every bend. We’ve had some huge medical crap (technical term) going on along with a few other things. Nothing is fatal and no one is going to die but that doesn’t stop the stress from piling on. This morning I woke up an extra hour early with an unknown fear surrounding me. It was like an omen of impending doom. It took two Starbucks mochas to calm it down. I put them on God’s account! I wonder what he does with his reward points.

Speaking of which – I talked to my neighbor this morning. He walks his dog early so I usually see him on my way to Starbucks. We exchanged some pleasantries and it was like a bit of Xanax. It reminded me that the stress we feel is from not having our support groups readily available. He’s not part of my support group but any port in a storm.

Wam Bam it’s here! – After a mostly warmer than usual fall, we are starting to get colder temperatures. On the one hand it’s nice to bring out the fleece and fluffy sweatshirts. On the other hand, I like the warm. Seasons don’t care what I like.

I’m not a procrastinator but – Today I have some serious paperwork to do and I’m having trouble getting focused. I blame it on stress. I already know that when it’s done and I have a plan in place, it will relieve some of the stress but that knowledge isn’t enough to help me focus. Catch 22.

Saved by my Fitbit – Ok, people mock me because I’m one of those. That Fitbit on my wrist dictates that I walk 250 steps each hour for nine hours straight and if I’m with people when the alarm goes off I get up and walk. I also walk at least 10,000 steps in a day. All of this is easily doable. A normal day that includes a half-hour walk will give me my steps needed to see the fireworks explode on my watch. One thing I have learned is that walking, and I mean regular walking, does help. If I get all bound up in “what ifs” a good walk will calm it all down. No medication necessary although a mocha latte or margarita (depending on the time of day) will also help. Deep breaths, positive images, purring cats are all good too.

How was your week? How are you doing managing stress this year?



75 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 15 – Stress, neighbors, weather, procrastination, Fitbit

  1. Gosh, Kate, the concept of stress is huge this year. All of life stress, and all the additional dropping dead stress. Support groups can help, even virtual groups. You are awesome on the Fitbit, Kate. I have a watch that yells at me. At least, I think it yells at me if I haven’t moved the past hour. And the hour goes by fast. I love everything about how you cope. I get it. Hang in there. 🙂

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    • I’ve been fascinated with how people cope. Many are doing puzzles or coloring books. My cats would love puzzle pieces on a table and I don’t have the focus to color but I love walking and writing. My Fitbit whips me in shape if I get lazy. Whoda thought I’d be ruled by a watch?

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  2. Walking and getting outdoors really helps – once it’s a habit, ou can really tell the difference if you skip a day…probably more important this year than ever. I still haven’t broken open the coloring books yet, but if bad weather sets in, it’s a possibility….maybe with Sinatra music…surprising how perky his songs are. I’d forgotten until on impulse I ordered a few CDs. Keeping the TV off and music on is the current balancing act.
    Not sure if spotting dog walking friends is done faster by Molly or I. Any human interchange is appreciated these days. We would have never believed this a year ago. But Onward – out of orneriness- if for no other motivation HAHA

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  3. This nasty virus seems to elevate all the other human stress factors in our world. Just going to the dr for a checkup is nerve wracking. Should I cancel? There are spikes in cases here. Am I exposing myself and Bill? The pandemic has also stolen time. I can’t think straight, am far less organized. You have had your share of worries for sure and I hope you keep finding talkative folks to keep smiles and your wonderful sense of humor through it all. .

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  4. I had a “near” panic attack the other day as my doctor’s waiting room, well-managed, just had more people than I’m accustomed to being around. We haven’t been outside of our small little family group and when I had a medical appointment that I’d put off as long as possible, I had a very anxious time. I had to leave the waiting room and stand outside the door until they called my name. I wonder how long some of these Covid-related side effects are going to be a part of us. A good friend of mine called me today with a similar story. It’s a crazy time!

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    • In the last week or so, when I went to pick up my Starbucks (which I pre-order and just pick up — no waiting) the place was jammed. People were shoulder to shoulder. I waited for a bit and left even though I had already paid for my coffee on the app. When I went in the next day and explained, they gave me a free one. I could almost feel cooties in the air. As it turns out it was the day they introduced their Christmas drinks. Seriously people? You only buy a drink on opening day of Christmas flavors?


  5. I tried to love my Fitbit, but I couldn’t convince myself that I cared about the numbers on it. I’m sure I’d be a healthier version of me if I could believe in the numbers, but I don’t. As for casual conversations with someone, those I can do but am not doing because… oh you know why.

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    • If you would have asked me, I would have said the Fitbit was a bit of hooey. No one is more surprised than I am. Maybe because it coincided with the pandemic when all my routines changed. It’s been a life saver for me. Today I talked to another neighbor. Two neighbors in a week. I just a social butterfly!


  6. It seems like every little thing that goes wrong just results in stress – like our drama quota for the year was reached on May 1st, and we’re just overloaded. I keep trying to find projects to work on. We had a couple of warm days a week ago so I headed to the attic and purged. Over the weekend, I cleaned, and I mean cleaned the garage. Our numbers are going off the chart, and so we are back to curb pickup and the staying at home all day every day gets to me after a while. I’m glad your walking fills a need. I have a treadmill, and I think I need to set a timer myself. 🙂

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    • “Drama quota” I like that! Mine may have been filed before May 1st! 🙂 For us here, it’s a confluence of several high stress issues coming together at the same time. Each of which is not the end of the world but together, they are nerve wracking.

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  7. Walking is good in so many ways. Where I live it’s all hills, which can be a challenge for me, but it’s good exercise. It’s been awfully cold and windy this week, though. I’m trying to get used to it and stop complaining.

    I’ve been doing too much stress eating. I need to figure out some tempting, healthy snacks, so I won’t eat so many sweets.

    Sundays my three daughters and I have a Zoom. (Actually we use Teams since my grandson works for Microsoft.) I love talking to them all together.

    Wishing you a less stressful week ahead

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    • Some people eat when stressed and some people don’t eat much. I’m in the latter group. People think that’s great but it’s really not. Not eating makes you feel worse as your blood sugar drops along with some other medical issues. We occasionally zoom but we’ve also used the telephone for more intimate one-on-one conversations. That is different. In normal times we rarely talk on the phone.

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    • I so rarely get super stressed out (like I am now) that I’m a whiner about it. We have some “unsolved” (that means no definitive diagnosis) health issues along with two procedures coming up. Put one more thing on top and I’m in overload. I love that you have had people surrounding you during this time. It makes a difference as I’m finding out. Yesterday I talked to my neighbor (first time since the pandemic started). We were both outside so it was safe but connecting even though we are not close friends was nice. As my mom would say, “this too shall pass.”


  8. You have had a rough patch, no … not just a patch but a whole year of stress and worry and medical worries and not just relegated to humans. I think this year has made all of us older. I listened to our Governor’s 6:00 p.m. press conference … it was impromptu (who does a press conference on a Sunday night – first one during the pandemic). Due to our 14% positivity rate, we have restrictions now … not harsh, but they are there. Interestingly, high school/college kids go to virtual class since their rates are higher. A few other things for people to complain about. I’m with you on the walking as I can lose myself and come home refreshed in spirit at the Park and start my day off better … I have no cats, but my squirrels are like pets to me. Cuddly-looking, but daren’t touch. 🙂

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  9. Hi, Kate – I am so sorry to hear about the extra stress. I wholeheartedly agree that regular walking, a daily coffee (or two or…..), a purring cat (or affectionate dog), and a friendly neighbour can make all of the difference in the world. Wishing you a calm week ahead!

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  10. SSNS and I were out yesterday afternoon and we remarked if there was no pandemic we would have called our friends and had them meet us downtown for an early dinner at our favorite restaurant, Da Minos. I agree with you about missing dinner with friends the most. I hope the medical crap gets worked out very soon.

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  11. Not managing very well actually Kate. No sign of my mammogram results so I’m anxious about that, Hubby’s progress is hit and miss, though we’ve had a good day today, and Maggie’s arthritis is giving us concern. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep for a while, and these past few days literally have not wanted to get out of bed. Field trip planned tomorrow. You watch it rain!!! LOL Take care.

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  12. PanDAMNic stress is getting to me as well. While I’m introverted, avoidance of people to stay safe is wearing me down. On the plus side, the obscene amount of political ads has abated, now if we could somehow tamp down the news broadcasts about whether he will or won’t concede. They should know he won’t, get over it and move on. Puleez. I mean I don’t have to be told every day the sun rises in the East. Some facts just don’t need constant repetition.

    Thank goodness for step counters! At least I feel like I’ve accomplished something during a day when my level of inspiration to do anything has pretty much evaporated. Every day is now ‘Blursday’ and less than ho-hum.

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  13. I’m one of those people too, Kate. Only it’s my Apple Watch telling me to “close my rings” and offering me encouraging messages like it knows I can do it, and that I’m on a streak. 🤣🤣🤣 Well, whatever gets me off my butt and moving is all good, I say! It does burn off stress.


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  14. We are all on edge as a regular state of being this year with all the illness and crazy politics. I find it very hard to feel relaxed routinely as well. Sleep is much more elusive this year. Here’s hoping things improve in 2021!

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