Sassy cats — Sassy photos

This week I saw a lot of great photo ops with the cats. All of them happened when the camera was in another room. I decided to make it a challenge to capture great shots. Don’t get all excited because they are never adorable when I have a camera in my hand. If perchance there is a great shot, I will screw it up somehow. Without Mollie, Sasha has been promoted to most photogenic cat in the house. See what you think.

First though here is Gus making himself at home on my desk just like all the cats do. They taught him well!

Gus and Sasha are close in age and they play together often. Sometimes it starts with a face washing and ends up in a body thumping wrestle.

No cat was harmed. They are the same weight and what Gus has in strength, Sasha has in wilyness.

If I try to intercede I get the “nothing going on here look” and I’m asked to move along.

Morgan wanted one of her glamour shots included so here goes.

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

65 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Sassy photos

  1. That’s a great shot of Gus peeking over the edge of his bed…….and as long as he and Sasha are just “play wrestling” and there’s no drawing of blood (!) I think it’s great exercise. David and I have to wrestle with Ted and risk the occasional scratch or bite since he’s all by himself here but he does love to wrestle around on the floor or chase a toy across the room, etc. Cats are just so photogenic. Morgan’s glamour closeup is sweet too.

    Hugs, Pam

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  2. Your cats are the best! Gus does look super comfy. Sasha and Gus do look super innocent as they look at you. Our Yorkie has a great “innocent” expression too! And Morgan is such a glamour model! Wishing you all a great weekend as well!

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  3. That’s so cool and Gus and Sasha are playmates! Great for both of them. And try photographing 8 week old kittens who just want to climb on you. That’s a fun challenge!

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  4. Isn’t that the truth, Kate. As soon as you grab the camera no one acts cute or hides their face. It happens with humans, too. Gus seems to be integrating very well with the family. You still managed to get some cute, and ‘why are taking photos of me’ pictures. Have a great weekend!

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