Sassy cats — Pot pourri

Well, they did it to me. My link to the old classic editor no longer works and they MADE ME use the new one. I knew it was coming but they couldn’t have picked a worse week to foist it on me. I haven’t been successful in moving pictures around and it took me forever to size them. I consider it a success that I didn’t throw my computer out the window. Wishing the pox on those preteen ‘puter folks who made me do this.

This week has been an upside down week so I’m going to visit my favorite photos. With Mollie’s passing Sasha is the most photogenic cat in the house. Morgan takes a good photo with the proper lighting but poor Gracie needs a lot of stuff to make her photos look good. She’s a shade darker than Morgan and that shade makes a difference.

Everyone here wishes everyone out there a great weekend!

68 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Pot pourri

  1. I’m way behind on my reading, but your post looks great. Maybe you are used to it now, but if you want to learn your way around the block editor you can attend a free webinar, on

    For recorded webinars from the past, check out

    More information on the webinars can be found on

    I work in support on, and I’ve seen the evolution of the editor and people’s reaction to it. I can honestly say that the majority of people come back to chat and email to thank us for it (even when they hated it initially) after they become used to it. There is a learning curve, for sure, but it gives a lot more freedom in creation when you are used to it. I hope you feel the same.

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  2. Well, I wouldn’t have guessed you had any issues with the Block Editor – your post looks great! My first post had one picture only. I’m way behind in Reader but came here because I read a story on my all-news station about a one-eyed man adopting a one-eyed cat, so of course I thought of you and your kitties because it’s Sassy Cats Friday. I found the story and embedded in this news story is the story from “People” magazine.


    • Morgan was a fun handful. She deferred to Jake her elder (or he would bop her on the head) but held her own with Hazel. Hazel was her bestie and she seemed to age when Hazel passed. She’s a lot less active these days at age 8 but still likes to supervise the computer desk. I always say that Morgan was the perfect cat. No illness, no behavior issues, just happy cat.

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  3. My sympathies on using the updated editor. Luckily I had bookmarked the old one since the multiple times I’ve tried using the new one made me want to hurt someone. What would normally take 10 minutes putting together a post took all morning. Sorry WordPress, just don’t have the time or the inclination to put up with your so-called new and improved editor. 😬 All the best luck as you familiarize yourself with blog post hell. I will give them credit for being fairly responsive to helping out.
    P.S. The cats still look great.

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  4. Another blogger told me the way to still use the Classic editor. In the dashboard go to “All posts” and at the top there’s an “Add new”; it has a drop down menu with the Classic Editor option. I haven’t tried that yet but it looks the same as before. Hope that works for you if you’d like to stay with Classic. They switched me last night to Block , and I’m not going to try it unless they take off that other option.

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  5. Ugh. I’ve been avoiding this new blockhead editor because this is NOT the year to foist unnecessary stress on myself, which learning it will be. That being said, your post looks great, but really- why, WordPress, why?

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  6. Those cats – thanks for some smiles…today it seems we all need that with the switch. (somehow, after panicking wanting to make last min. changes before publishing – only to see alien form, I clicked around and found the classic editor…..hope I can refine it again if necessary
    I love the way some cats sleep with paws straight out front like they are holding the world still and together for us. RC does that most of the time, too.

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  7. URGH! “They” should not make us use their horrible block editor. I’ve still been able to access the classic editor. I start the post (and save it) their way, but then when I go back to edit it, there is a small tiny script that says “classic editor,” and I hit that and am back to doing what I want the way I know works! That said, I loved your photos here. Happy weekend!

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  8. I could’ve done without it this week too, but hey, gives me something else to worry about!!!!!
    Ho hum. Gets things into perspective I suppose.
    Having a pretty good day today. Take care Kate………….. you’ll get there.

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  9. Good morning Kate, I used the new editor on my recent post. A few quirks, although it worked out. I would do things a little differently next time. And, yes, it always happens on the worst week. I like to have full control sizing my photos and I did have issues. Your photos still look great, Kate. Hopefully it is a right side up week next week.🙂

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  10. I just learned I’ve been switched too, Kate. I can’t figure out how to add an image. Nothing looks the same. This might be my answer as to whether to continue my blog and go with only the newsletter. Like you, it’s not a good time. Uncool.

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    • I knew it was coming so I guess we’ve been lucky. Sure wish they would have kept the simpler version for us simpler folks. I’m going to look for a tutorial. I went through their questions section and found the questions I had have not been answered. No cool for sure. They’ve been preparing for this for years.

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