Sassy cats – Another overheard conversation

Morgan, one of my one-eyes!

Gracie to Morgan: So what do you think of Gus?

Morgan: Seems OK. A bit of a scaredy cat, especially with Sasha.

Gracie: Sasha can be a pain. It’s always all about her. She steals food and toys.Sometimes I have to whop her.

Morgan: Yeah but she’s young. Just a kid. Gus is older so I don’t think he wants to get involved in drama. Especially not Sasha drama. He came from a cat room with 20 other cats. Must have been lots of drama there.

Gracie, my other one-eye

Gracie: I was in a cat room too but it was big and there were only six of us. I liked it because I was the youngest. I was only there two months. The others were older cats that had health issues so they probably wouldn’t be adopted.

Morgan: Why did they put you there?

Gracie: I was recovering from my spay surgery and eye removal. The peep said that someone found Gus when he was eight weeks old and he had wounds all over his face. He was in bad shape. He still has scars. We make a great couple. He has battle scars and I’m a one-eyed pirate.

Morgan: That may be why he’s cautious. It was a bad experience for such a little guy. He was lucky.

Gracie: Well, I like him. He’s sweet. He’s got swagger and one day he will bop Sash on the nose. I want to be there!

Morgan: She will roll her puppy dog eyes and everyone will feel sorry for her!

Note from the peep: We continue to focus mostly on Gus. The other cats have learned how to leverage this. Except for Gracie who doesn’t like treats, they have wrangled extra treats out of us. They also got extra catnip toys and extra food. Gus doesn’t play with toys though. He’s not sure what to do with them. I don’t know if he’s outgrown the play stage or if he’s never had toys. Sharing a room with 20 other cats can be a challenge. He got along with everyone but I expect the more outgoing and aggressive cats got the toys. He sure loves his cat grass though. That was a big hit. Sasha is much better. She even presented her head for him to clean but he didn’t know what to do.  He is still learning cat cues in this house. Cleaning the diva’s head is a privilege.

PS from peep: I wrote this yesterday. Last night he found a pipe cleaner and though that was the best thing since sliced kibble!

67 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Another overheard conversation

  1. Tickles me that Gus found a pipe cleaner and it makes him a happy boy. Also tickles me that Gus finds himself in the middle of all those girl cats with Sasha being the Diva. You leave me with wanting more stories about Gus and the girl interactions that I know you are seeing, Kate. Sasha is going to be shocked one day when he gives her the paw of nope. He has such a sweet face.

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    • The weird thing was that the pipe cleaner was under a piece of furniture that he couldn’t get under. He was working to get something out for about 5 minutes. It was the pipe cleaner. The paw of nope! I love that!


  2. Gus is adorable and I think the rest of the gang are working out their feelings about him – he is fitting right in. Teddy had no idea what toys were either when we adopted him at 11 months from the shelter. He still prefers things like straws, ribbon, wooden spoons to actual cat toys. Since we think he was either a feral or barn cat I guess he was used to finding unconventional “toys” to play with!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • He was only 8 weeks old when he landed at the shelter and they don’t know if he was part of a feral litter. He’s getting more social as time goes on but he still has trouble with steps. Toys he is figuring out.


  3. This is interesting to read the “socialization of Gus” and that toys have no meaning as he likely never had them. He doesn’t know how to act, but I like seeing that he has discovered treats and they provide joy for the time being.

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  4. Awh! Loved this post! The hearts of your cat’s are just like yours! BIG! And always love the humor. So sad that Gus went through so much at a young age, but so glad he has love now and is adjusting. Hooray for the pipe cleaner!!

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  5. It seems like poor Gus’s background history made him unsure of how to be a cat. So great that the other kitties are showing him the way. Does he allow you to be affectionate with him yet?

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  6. I’m behind in the news! You have a new addition to the family!!

    My eyes were welling up with your short description of his early struggles. Kate, you are one very special person to share your home with these needy fur children ❤️

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  7. So glad things are getting better for all. Gus is one lucky cat, and hooray that he is learning about toys to play with! Great job. Give the diva a pet for me, not that she’d remember my anymore!

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    • They are still working it out. Last night he climbed on my lap. Sasha was not completely happy about that so she climbed on my lap too. That’s 26 pounds of cat and my lap isn’t that big. Eventually it got too hot for Sasha (and me) and she left to sit on the coffee table. She should be very grateful to you. Without you she wouldn’t be here. She still is terrified of new people but other than that there is not a shy bone in her body. She is the most vocal of all of them. She is teaching Gus to sing for his supper. Oy vay.

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