Sassy cats — Sasha reporting

Gracie is currently indisposed so I’m going to give you a rundown of this week’s events.

The lady peep hurt her leg. You would think the world came to an end. Dinner was late a gazillion times but we tried to be nice. I even slept on top of her chest (all 12 lbs. of me) with my butt in her face to help her feel better. She whined about my nice fluffy tail swishing her face. How lucky can she get?

No mice this week. The peeps have a theory that they come in pairs. We caught two so we’re good until another set of honeymooners decides to vacation at the Bates Motel.

New catnip bags appeared like magic from the noisy thing the peeps call a sewing machine. There was one for each of us. We don’t share catnip very well. The lady peep said mine was disgusting. It was very wet an soggy with a hole in it. However, I had a glorious afternoon with visions of butterflies in my dreams. The other two aren’t as lethal so their bags are in good condition. It’s on my to-do list for later this afternoon. 🙂

Here’s a shot of Gracie. She says hello!

Gracie having a moment with her bunny stick!

And Morgan.

Have a good weekend. Burp. Sorry too much catnip.

68 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Sasha reporting

  1. Gee Sasha – even in your catnip euphoria state, you don’t feel sorry for the peep with a sore leg? Good thing you’re not a dog and depending on the peep to take you for a walk as empathy is not your strong point young lady!

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  2. Gracie does look content. My version of catnip will have to be half a glass of wine. I am reading in reverse order your last couple of posts, Kate, and the comments tell me about your Mom’s sore leg. I hope she is on the mend.

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  3. That picture of Morgan is amazing. I am guessing there are many many captions one could put on that picture. However, I think it is a contest winner.

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  4. I am sympathetic about the hurt leg. I broke my toe last night and every step hurts. I hope you recuperate soon. Pain is a rather frequent companion here, and I didn’t need an extra-strong visit. I’ll bet you aren’t too happy with your guest, either. Sewing as therapy? Go for it.

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  5. Hi Sasha! I know you meant well sleeping on Kate’s chest, but it’s not actually very ‘cool’ and all of you are cool cats!! Much better to snuggle behind knees or under armpits of our humans out of the draught (just sayin’, but then I’m a dog) Love Maggie. ❤

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  6. Humans are so fragile – especially bad planning to only have 2 legs – no spares and they are so awkward with hopping and balancing…no wonder they lack real mousing skills.
    Bates Motels – purrfect. I think our mice tourists come from single mom mouseholds.
    So glad your realm is fluffed up and ready to warm your staff to heal her. Must be why you have been rewarded with new catnip container. That is one contented look in that last picture.

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  7. Sasha, be nice to your person while she’s hurting!! Honestly, you won’t starve if dinner is a little late, and just so you know, people don’t love cat butts in their face. Just sayin’. I was your foster mom and I know these things.

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