Sassy cats — Looking cute

Sasha was being adorable some of the time and mischievous the rest.


Gracie is laid back except when she isn’t.

Morgan is ruling from the top of her throne. At age 8, she is the senior cat these days. Hard to believe how fast they grow up.

Everyone from our house wishes you all a great weekend. Stay safe.

55 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Looking cute

    • Sasha and Gracie race around, then rumble. We don’t know how old Gracie is. She didn’t have good nutrition when she was young so she had some issues initially but she’s fine now. She may be around 6 with Sasha at 2.


    • She is. She’s been trying to sleep in Mollie’s bed but she doesn’t fit. Mollie’s bed is a very small size for a 7 lb. cat. It doesn’t fit a 12 pounder very well. I’ve ordered the same bed in a larger size for her. Mollie liked enclosed yurts too but no one except Gracie fits in them and Gracie doesn’t like being enclosed. It’s a time of revamping stuff.

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