Sassy cats — The week in review

The cats watched the football games last Sunday with the beloved husband. Mollie was not impressed. Her team must have lost.

Mollie watching the football game.


Gracie took a small snooze during breaks. This is her new favorite spot.

Gracie prefers the top of the furniture.



But her team must have lost too.

Boogers! Break out the ‘niptinis!


Here’s hoping all your teams win! They are looking forward to the Super Bowl in another week. They hear there will be a lot of good food! Maybe tuna and sardines!






45 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The week in review

  1. We were in San Francisco last weekend and staying with my cousin for part of that time. He was over-the-moon invested in the Chiefs coming out on top. I really don’t care one bit about football and never watch the BIG game, but I am all for anything that brings people this much excitement. We can use the diversion from politics! I think the cats would probably agree with me, don’t you?

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  2. The cats look comfy – tuna and sardine appetizers prepared lovingly by Mom and the anticipation is killing them as they salivate over treats. I’ve not watched the game in years, but usually hop onto a website that features the ads. I don’t think the ads have been as good in recent years … my favorites were always the Budweiser Clydesdales and the Doritos but they seem all high tech and too modern for me now … perhaps a sign of old age and I think they push the envelope a little too much as well.

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  3. Weirdly, I enjoy watching pro football. I think it all began when I was 18 and dating a Yale man. He taught me football moves and players with round pretzels on a date. Always stayed with me! I’m a big Patriots and 49er fan. This year, you know who I’ll be rooting for! (And maybe I’ll snack on round pretzels at Half Time.) πŸ™‚

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  4. Haven’t been much of a football fan since they yanked our St. Louis Cardinal team out of St. Louis and eventually stuck us with the Rams. I remember watching Cardinal quarterback Jim Hart with my Dad. We will probably have the game on and be cheering for the Chiefs because… KC, Missouri. We will watch the kitten bowl. Mollie cracks me up! Good Morning!

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  5. Since there is a west coast team in the Super Bowl (go, 49ers!), I’m only slightly more interested in watching it this year. We usually get together with neighbors and there is always good food and some games and betting pools. Or, maybe I’ll just climb up on the back of our sofa and nap like Garcie… that looks pretty comfortable.

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    • A long time ago, some friend (different every year) had a super bowl party. It’s been years since we’ve been invited. Since I don’t really watch the entire game, I don’t mind the opportunity to read a book but I do miss the food!

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  6. I used to love football, but then the NFL covered up all the concussion data, turned a blind eye to domestic abuse, and called themselves non-profit to avoid taxes. So I quit watching.

    I don’t ever want my son to love the game, either. So our TV remains dark.

    But I still miss it, especially during Super Bowl season.

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    • I was a fan in my youth. Once it because super commercial on TV with mega ads creating overly long games, I lost all interest. Now with all the data out, I wouldn’t want anyone I loved playing it. Too many ex-players are in dementia homes.

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