Sassy cats — Stress

The tree and all the decorations came down this week. The cats could no longer curl up under the tree and bat off the occasional ornament. They decided to catch up on some shuteye in front of the fireplace.

Clearly Sasha was pretty stressed out by it all! Even a crazy lady waving a camera couldn’t wake her up.

Mollie came downstairs to lend support. And yes, the fire was going.

From all the sleeping critters here, have a great weekend!


47 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Stress

  1. Yep – Ted is apparently exhausted and stressed out as well from the holidays – lots of sleeping happening (while his parents do a ton of packing/rearranging/cleaning) – remind me to come back as a spoiled cat in my next life………….

    Hugs, Pam

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