Sassy cats — What’s happening in the hood this week

Sasha: Lies! All lies! I didn’t do it!

Living with new cat Sasha is like living with a 12 year old boy. She is the only cat that likes to sleep UNDER the covers. The other night she snuggled up next to me under the covers. We both fell asleep. About 20 minutes later there was a rumble going on. She couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I threw the covers back to release her. I also released the biggest toxic gas bomb ever! My eyes watered. Old cat Mollie left the room. Obviously Sasha can stand the smell of her own fluffers.

Sasha: Look at the tail on that squirrel!

Cat TV was in full effect this week. That’s when I throw some seeds and corn out for the birds and squirrels and our cats perch inside the sliding doors to watch. Keeps them occupied for hours. Cheap entertainment!

The tree went up this week. So far Sasha hasn’t shown any interest. We heard a tinkling sound and checked to find three cats sitting under it. They looked at us like “nothing going on here. Move along.” So far not one ball has been batted off.

We all wish you a great weekend!

Update: There was a small squirmishΒ  under the tree between Sasha and Gracie. It resulted in a redesign of the tree skirt. Felines think it’s an improvement. Human folks are rolling their eyes. We’ll see. Pictures to come.

48 thoughts on “Sassy cats — What’s happening in the hood this week

  1. I’ve never known a cat to like to sleep under covers! On a cold night that could be comforting for both cat and human. πŸ™‚ Your version of cat tv would keep me occupied, too. i’m easily entertained.

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    • I’ve had 2 cats that like being under the covers. Jake outgrew it when my cat Magic thought he was a pillow and laid on top of him! I sat with the cats once and watched 2 racoons scampering in the back yard. I was fully entertained.


    • Dogs are the worst! I worked at a place for a short while where the owner brought in her old German shepherd. Yikes! That dog would sleep next to me and it was deadly! Usually young cats don’t have smelly gas. It just the old ones with old bodies.


    • As you know, with pets there is always something going on! Less fragrant would work but at least no one is sick. (knock on wood) My cats are notorious for getting sick on weekends and holidays. I lost Hazel last year on New Year’s Eve day. I had to go to an ER vet because I couldn’t get in with my vet.

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      • Yup…pets frequently get sick in the middle of the night, on weekends or holidays. In some ways they’re like smoke detectors…only ‘going off’ at the worst time. Whenever we encounter those eye watering moments, I can’t help but wonder what in the bloody blue blazes the Knuckleheads ate to cause that kind of odor.

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  2. RC Cat used to sleep under the covers when she first arrive – so tiny we were afraid we’d smush her accidentally. Now She commands on top of the covers…all over the bed…mutters it’s too hot, too hot – and it has nothing to do with her age, she snarls.
    Owning cats is like living a sitcom.

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  3. Ha! What have you been eating, Sasha?!

    With the dogs, they sometimes wake up from a doze in the living room and sniff their own butts. That’s when you know that toxic gas cloud is on its way, even if you didn’t hear a thing.

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  4. Marley and I got home from the local playhouse production last evening and the kitchen smelled like poop, big time, but we couldn’t find anything. 15 minutes later…all gone. Our guess is that Bodhi let loose one great big gas bomb. Good thing they dissipate reasonably quickly.

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  5. I know that bombs… we had one a couple of days ago… Mark was totally angry as I sniffed around him… but I only wanted to make sure that I will not worry in vain for the boys , the smell was not from this earth, I really pondered if we see the vet the next day…

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