Random 5 for December 8 – Colored trees, sales, computers, sizing, forecasting

This is a real picture from a real store! Seriously?

What to my wondering eyes should appear – Our local store has a large selection of real Christmas trees including some in the most bizarre colors. The orange one looks like a tree with dead needles. I wonder who would buy that.

Tis the season – For big deals. We are buy a vacuum cleaner today. How exciting. This is a great time to buy stuff as there are bigger discounts than other times of the year. (We are notorious for needing things when there are NO discounts!)

Sure, blame the computer! – The beloved husband’s computer emits a loud sound (much like flatulence) when he puts it into sleep mode. It’s loud and very realistic. Makes you wonder. He thinks it’s the fan going wonky. I’ve told him to either call his computer guy or use some Tums.

The black Friday deals – I bought some sleepwear from a place I usually buy. They came this week. The sizing was off. Everything has to go back. *bangs head on table* Perhaps the first thing they sell is the stuff that wasn’t quality controlled!

Snowmageddon – This past week was supposed to be our first BIG snow. The predictions were all over the place starting with 3 to 5” moving to 8 to 12” then back to 1 to 3″. The beloved husband had all the equipment ready to clear the driveway and walks. We got nada. Not even a trace. I’m not complaining. The forecaster kept saying it was a difficult storm to forecast. They were right about that but 100% wrong about the forecast.

So how was your week?


89 thoughts on “Random 5 for December 8 – Colored trees, sales, computers, sizing, forecasting

  1. Those trees! Haven’t seen anything like that since forever. Wonder if the trees came shedding terribly and paint was the only way to keep needles on the trees? (For some reason those trees make me itchy)
    Will be interested in the vac. chosen. We have no carpet…and a small shop vac for the wood floors/pet hair…it’s like I have a little robot following me.

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  2. I think I need to get my eyes checked! For a moment, I thought you had written: “The orange one looks like a tree with dead noodles.” (lol)

    Now – vacuum cleaners. Some one mentioned the Dyson cordless series. I bought the V8 Absolute model a few months ago. There are later models but this one is just fine – and, of course, one saves quite a bit by not buying the very latest model.
    It’s WONDERFUL! I love it! I warmly recommend it. Cleaning has become, if not quite a pleasure, at least considerably less of a drag. And Shimshi, at least, doesn’t even seem to be scared of it. He thinks it’s a toy.

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  3. I don’t get the odd colored trees, either. Wonder how the sales are going?
    The weather here has been typical for this area. In the 50’s one day 75 the next. Today it’s 75 tomorrow is supposed to be high 50’s and rain. Often when we have strange highs in December we have ice storms or snow in February. Whatever happens I hope no ice storms, they are awful!

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  4. Those real Christmas trees in colors are very different looking – I’ve never seen any like that around here. It’s a good time for discounts on computers too. I took a break and came back this afternoon after booting up to the Blue Screen of Death. Shut it off/on several times and brought it back slowly … it is a Windows 7 computer and I believe Microsoft is willing it to misbehave.

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      • I can’t remote all the way into work with my Windows 10 laptop – the computer guy set up a VPN but it stopped working. My boss wants to now learn it (he is recovering from prostate surgery and has decided he now wants to learn it after resisting for six months … we have had our laptops and desktops since March – don’t ask). This morning I can’t get into work at all and suspect our computer guy is trying to configure the server. I love Windows 7 and the laptop I’m on right now is 10 years old, never an issue with it, but I keep it for storing pics and use it to check in at work in the a.m. or on weekends – it is elevated on a non-convertible riser so I have to stand to use it. I did the updates to the Windows 10 last night while catching up on Reader and texting with the computer guy.
        He does not move too fast either … he is a sole practitioner …. I was going to start using it while my boss is on vacation 12/20 to 12/30 as I have a long document to type; I just don’t like all Windows 10’s bells and whistles. My friend has had two Win 10 laptops crash in the last year, one taking all kinds of ancestry data that did not back up properly. Luckily she uses Carbonite to some was salvageable. She is pretty savvy as is her husband. They had a Microsoft rep troubleshoot at a local computer shop and they took the computer off site to retrieve the data and gave her a loaner – the loaner crashed. I am not walking this morning since we had a wintry precip, so I am running the car and likely will have a long day ahead dealing with computer woes.

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  5. Oh, lord, those trees. Um… no. Just no. I hate having to return clothes also, especially obviously from an online company. They make it easier now to do so, but it’s still such a hassle. The weather predictions down here have been mostly wrong also, so I never know what to wear when we’re about to go out. Granted it’s only the difference between a sweatshirt or jacket, but it’d still be nice to know sometimes. I end up freezing in the grocery store aisles. – Marty

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  6. Those tree colors look like the colors young women are putting into their hair these days. A trend for the times.

    You’re right about the deals now. I end up buying myself more things than I do for others!

    Good luck with vacuum shopping. I’m hoping mine will hold out until we’re ready to install a CentralVac. I’m having difficult maneuvering the heavy, bulky vacuum with my arthritic hands/wrists.

    Thank goodness you didn’t get the big snow. We had our first big snow on Halloween! Thankfully that’s all gone now. I enjoy a little snow, but here’s hoping no big snows for the rest of the season. 🤞 (Yeah, right).

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    • We have a central vac and much prefer the cordless Dyson. Easier with no cumbersome hose or cord. Yes on those colors. colors I don’t like most unusual hair colors but I did see one that was lovely. It was a blonde with a shortish cut (she’s a hairdresser). She had a teal blue (not flashy but a cool color) streak in the front. Just a streak, not the whole head and she somehow managed to get it shiny. I think what I dislike most is that the hair looks damaged and doesn’t shine.

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  7. My first thought about the trees was, Ugh! But, you know, in the right display, I suppose it could be beautiful. Behind the lavender tree is a dk. turquoise tree. I can see that in a display where everything is silver balls, white lights and crystal icicles with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. Maybe special lighting.

    Beloved husband’s computer is hilarious. I wonder if it will develop into something even more objectionable sounding.

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  8. You know, I actually like the purple tree and think it would look neat with some lights on it. SF airport decorated their entrance with multicolored trees like that last year and it was pretty. Probably not the orange or black ones though.

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    • We bought the Dyson cordless V11 animal stick vacuum. We already had one and wanted another for the second floor. We love them. They clean better than our central vac and the battery lasts 45 minutes — enough to do a whole floor. I’ve always been fascinated with the Roombas. I have cats. I’m sure they’d get used to it but wondered…

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  9. I’ve never seen real trees dyed like that. Wonder if it’s cat-edible and would dye your carpet when it came back up? I’ll stick to my slender fake prelit tree 🙂

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  10. Those trees are HORRIBLE . . . you couldn’t pay me to take one home.
    Mother Nature’s color palette is far more soothing, especially when it comes to ever-GREENS.

    Good luck buying the vacuum cleaner, perhaps a computer store stop too?

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    • Don’t need a computer. We only need those when there are no specials! I was stunned when I saw those trees. They did not look good in person. If you want a colored one, best to go with artificial. You are not working with the green color underneath!


  11. No snow here either. Our media is in full election mode when we should be getting ready for Christmas and enjoying mince pies. It feels a bit odd. I like our local M.P. and I hope she keeps her job. I can’t say the same for Boris or Jeremy.

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