Sassy cats — An uneventful week for cats

Morgan here. The peep had a medical something this week so we weren’t the center of attention. It was really odd. Seriously? Where are the priorities?

We were very supportive. We sat with her and climbed all over her throughout the whole week. We had some worries that this nonsense would throw off dinner schedules but it didn’t. We trained her right! We even got Sasha to sit on her head in the middle of the night as a sign of friendship. Instead of being grateful she asked Sasha to move “that butt hole away.” I had sniffed it first and it was OK. She was a little grumpy but she doesn’t have the delightful disposition a cat has. We have to teach her to hiss when she wants people to back off.

Anyhow, we wish you all a great weekend and hopefully it’s procedure free.

44 thoughts on “Sassy cats — An uneventful week for cats

  1. Thanks for the update Morgan! Glad to hear your peep’s procedure went well, and also that your feedings stayed on schedule. Good job to you and the team for keeping your person happy and feeling loved πŸ™‚


  2. Teach Sasha or your Peep to hiss? I get barked at if I’m in the dog house, but then I’m a dog, so I guess that’s normal. I was on my best behaviour yesterday as it was a long car ride, but my Mummy is fine, which means more cuddles for me. Love Maggie ❀

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      • A bit of both actually as she has an extra cushion in bed now which is really comfy and I know I don’t hurt her if I snuggle in extra close. Her arm always seems to come out of the covers to curl round me, and it’s kinda nice………..

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