Sassy cats — Party on the porch with Sasha

Sasha had a delightful week on the porch. She stuck her nose in Morgan’s ear while she was sleeping. (Morgan hates that!) She pounced on Mollie’s tail. (Mollie hates that!) She stole the feather toy from Gracie. (Gracie hates that!) It’s a normal week here although there may have been some plotting going on. Caught some phrases “get that little whippersnapper” and “I’m going to pee on her head when she’s sleeping” and of course “she’s gonna die!” I don’t take most of them seriously. Sasha will get a head womp from someone but that’s about it.

Sasha just waking up from a nap! “Whoa. What? Where am I? Did someone slip me some CBD oil?”

Needed a stretch to get rid of the kinks! Not into anything naughty…yet “That feels good. Now how can I annoy someone?”

Ready for action! “There must be someone nearby! Hey yo! Yeah you! Come here…I need a niptini!”

Sasha and everyone here wish you a great weekend. If you celebrate Labor Day, enjoy it fully!


54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Party on the porch with Sasha

  1. We’re having too many weary looks by Molly and “..that little whippersnapper ” moments last week. (And my right foot must have permanent bruise marks on the top as Ella can’t help putting it in 4WD trying to get out the door first.) Having a younger one around is good to keep the others moving and entertained, but they do get weary of it at times…easier for a cat to find a spot to go hide for a bit and recuperate.
    Someone said young cats and puppies are so cute and funny that you can’t be mad at them for too long

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  2. Sasha knows how to relax, I’d say! She looks very comfortable. And I hope your entire household enjoys the holiday tomorrow. Even though we’re retired and a holiday doesn’t necessarily mean that much, I give myself a break from some of the chores that build up! Not on a holiday! πŸ™‚

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  3. I love how you capture Sasha, Morgan, Mollie and Gracie’s individual personalities. πŸ™‚ I appreciate the humorous captions under the photos, depicting another layer of naughty. Thank you for making me smile, Kate:)

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  4. Enjoy the holiday weekend….at least we have sun and less humidity – I’ll take it! Just went out to check on Teddy who is out with his Dad – found Teddy belly-up and asleep in the dirt (!) and David reading a book in the shade. I think I can plan on another hour at least of peace and quiet in my office!

    Hugs, Pam

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  5. Sasha’s funny. So is the fact that Americans celebrate Labor Day–and the blue collar worker–by flying a flag that firmly represents capitalism. Shouldn’t we be flying some kind of Marxist flag? Or at least a socialist one? Or one that says: “UFW AFL-CIO?”

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