Random 5 for September 1 – Armpits, robocalls, drugs, drivers, blogging

Yikes! How did it get to be September? Where was July?

Free your pits – I saw an ad for underarm detox scrub. You use in place of an aluminum containing antiperspirant. Detox for underarms? I didn’t know they were toxic! #nomorestinkypits #naturebedamned

Finally – (Que me running with long fluffy hair in a flowy gown through fields of wildflowers doing a snoopy dance.) We have finally been successful in signing up for robonomo. (This is a telephone call blocker for telemarketing and robo calls.) It took many phone calls because our phone service had to be part of the process and the first customer service rep screwed it up royally. We still get the occasional fake call but far, far less than before. Take that you Nigerian prince! #theageofaquariusandnomorerobocalls #nigerianprincelookingforwealthyprincess

A new erectile dysfunction – You know how ads follow (stalk) you.  Sometimes they are for things that you are not interested in or can’t use. I am now being stalked by a prescription medication for erectile curvature. First, the only reason I know what that is involves several drinks with a girlfriend whose boyfriend had a slight tilt (many decades ago). She thought it was hilarious. Obviously it’s serious enough for a drug company to invest a bazillion bucks to come up with something to fix it. Next thing will be a drug for cross-eyed boobs. Oy vay! #notallbendsarebad #floppyisworse

These pups are better drivers!

Dumb, dumb, dumb – I was at a stop light in back of a car with bumper stickers. One said “the closer you are, the slower I drive.” The other said “if you can read this I will brake and sue you.” Sometimes I wish I had a bull horn so I can tell people they are following too close but I’ve never felt compelled to desecrate my car with stupid bumper stickers. (Cat bumper stickers are a different category.) The car turned onto a 4-lane highway and drove 20 miles per hour. *bangs head on table* I couldn’t tell if the driver was male or female but I’m guessing old because I couldn’t see a head over the top of the headrest. #getoutofmyway #shouldnotbedriving

8 Year Anniversary AchievementBlogiversary – Yesterday it was eight years since I first pressed the publish button on my blog. I have learned a lot – writing, blogging, techie stuff – and made extraordinary friends. Some of whom I’ve met! Thank you all for reading my drivel! #whoknewitwouldlast

So how was your week?


80 thoughts on “Random 5 for September 1 – Armpits, robocalls, drugs, drivers, blogging

  1. I have to look into robonomo – I don’t have an answering machine, but I do have caller I.D. which I got just for the robocalls which are annoying and disruptive while I am sitting here working at the kitchen table. I usually pick up, then put the receiver back down slowly. Sometimes they get the message. One guy calls from some police organization (or so he says) and tries to collect donations. He calls at least once a quarter. I always tell him off as there is no such organization – I one time called the cops to report him, but they did not seem overly concerned that people would give $ to a fake police organization. When I saw the call come through last week I picked it up to tell him off … he starts every call with “why, you’re harder to get ahold of than the very last pickle in the pickle jar!” I Googled the number, that is his standard line according to the many people who reported him already.

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    • I never answer robo calls. I have my phone on 2 rings, then it goes to the answering machine and they rarely leave messages. The robonomo has been great although occasionally a telemarketer call comes through. I still don’t answer.

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  2. Happy blogaversary and congratulations, Kate.

    Many years ago I put a bumper stick on my car. I thought it was funny at first, but after a while it just seemed stupid. (It wasn’t as stupid or mean as the ones you saw.) I haven’t bought a bumper sticker ever since.

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  3. So, today is Sept. 3 and I am just reading this. (Only b/c I went looking for it! -Still does not come in my email and did not show up on fb!) Must say that when I see a bumper sticker with a comment like “I will go slower just to piss you off” or words to that effect, I can only think that the driver or owner of the car has the intelligence of a flea! And is just as annoying.

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  4. I’ll bet when you started blogging it wouldn’t have occurred to you that 8 years later you’d still be going strong! Congratulations on such consistency in your posting!

    Toxic armpits is ridiculous! I can’t imagine anyone really falling for that treatment, but I’m sure it influences the gullible! 🙂

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  5. Congrats on eight years, Kate. As I’ve mentioned to you before (and I probably will again because I’m forgetful), you are the alpha/alpha blogger for me; meaning you were the first blogger who I followed here on WP, and you were also my first follower.

    I don’t want to know any more about erectile curvature other than it exists. At least you had alcohol to assist with the explanation. I’m usually only reading your blog with a glass of tea next to me. 🙂 – Marty

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  6. Happy 8 years! Keep it up! Love your humor!
    We need to get one of those robonomo things! Can’t say how many calls we have had wanting to help “protect” our computer from it crashing! And as Nancy said, the numerous “this is your final call” from the CC companies who obviously have no idea what final and last mean!!

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  7. I trust robonomo will be the answer. I can’t remember whether I mentioned to you, Kate, how I look at my landline as a decoy for the “real” phones:) Too funny on the (……dot dot dot) I don’t want to type it in in case I get “stalked.” Huge congratulations on your eight year Blogiversary, Kate! I don’t know what that is in cat years:)

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  8. Good idea to get a robonomo. I never heard of that but our new phone has a “block call” button. And Congratulations on your 8 years of blogging. Please keep at it and making me laugh and filling me in on life’s challenges. There are a few great bloggers I would love to meet in person and you are one of ’em.

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  9. Wow eight hears?! Time goes by fast! You probably miss blogging, it really feels nice to write for other people to see. I just started my blog recently and it does help me with my troubles. I enjoyed reading this!

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  10. I have a call blocker on my phone. If I don’t recognize a number I don’t answer if no message is left or I don’t like the message I block the number. I still get some nuisance calls but not many.
    Congratulations the blog anniversary! I have enjoyed getting to know you.

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    • We are down to about 1 nuisance call a day. The old record was closer to 15, many of which were identical. We don’t answer if we don’t recognize the number either but some telemarketers started to mimic local businesses. I picked up a call that was my doc’s information only to find a telemarketer. That was the proverbial last straw. If you can’t sell me your product by displaying it, you can expect I’ll hang up as soon as I realize you tricked me.


  11. Happy Blogiversary, Kate and Sassy Cats! Glad you started blogging, you brighten my day. My week was spent without my laptop… returned from the computer doc late Friday afternoon. Then preoccupied with Damn Dorian which is a willy nilly PIA hurricane. Now shifting back to the west as a Cat 5 which doesn’t make us happy. Fingers crossed it drowns in the Atlantic. We don’t have a landline but those calls “from” the IRS on my cell telling us we are going to be arrested torque me off. That ad for medication for erectile curvature left me speechless when I first saw it… what next????????? May we all have a nice Sunday!

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  12. That car with the bumper stickers–such an ass. “Watch me do this super provocative, entitled, illegal thing that I am completely aware of, but will still do, and then punish you for reacting to!”

    Where’s a cop to pull over someone for driving too slow and impeding traffic when you need one?

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    • I’m not exaggerating on that one. It was 20 mph. Fortunately I only followed for a little more than a block or so until I turned in for a Starbucks. It was medicinal of course. I hate stupid stickers. They are not funny although there is a cartoon with some wild animals looking at a car with stick figures of the family members. One critter said to the other, “this must be the menu.” Now that made me laugh.

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  13. I need to sign up for robonomo. I think my phone service has something like that. I did look it up one day but that’s as far as it got. I’m good at procrastinating. Maybe this week! It’s funny how things follow you, Kate. Anything you google and research on Amazon follows you on Facebook forever. I call it my reminder list! Have a great week! ~Elle

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  14. I think our robocalls will be slowing down too because “this is your last chance before we will not be able to lower your credit card rate” is starting to get the message that we do not care that they are our “last chance.” 😀

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  15. OK this is rude but still moderately funny – when I read my husband the bit about armpit detox he said “next there will be a butt tox”…..then we both broke out in tears from giggling because – well – you know! We have zero bumper stickers on our cars….this morning coming back from the grocery I was behind someone who had about 25 stickers on the back of their OLD hatchback. Hooked on stickers? I think so! Congrats on the blogiversary…….who knew we bloggers had so darn much to say? !!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Love your husband’s humor! When I was a kid bumper stickers were a big thing. Now most people don’t have them. The car was nice although I don’t know how new it was. Since I couldn’t see the driver, it could have been driven by a 10-year-old.

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