Healthy diets or not!

Last week I had an appointment with my endocrinologist. That’s a doc who takes care of bone density meds or at least the one I’m on. I was hoping that I could take a break from meds but sadly, that’s not the case.

I’ve done all I can do on my own, kicking up my exercise routine and calcium intake. I turned to Google. Maybe there was a diet that would help. Some foods may be etching away my frame.

Argh! What I found is the same for any medical or health condition. It’s the same diet for cardiac issues or a strep throat. Cancer or leprosy. Gout or the black plague.

Cut back on salt. Cut back on fats. Cut out processed foods (goodbye bacon, we’ve had a good run!). Eliminate all foods from the white food group (that’s the group that contains the tasty potato chips, ice cream, etc.) except cauliflower (which is at the bottom of my favorite list).

Increase foods from the bland and tasteless green food group. (No kale, you are not going in my shopping cart!) Maybe green apples would do. I”ll put a lime in my margarita!

Cut out caffeine. Cut back (or eliminate) red meat. Soda is bad for you because of the phosphoric acid. Don’t use artificial sweeteners. I can go on and on.

So far I can eat celery and carrots.I need an illness that requires copious amounts of ice cream and potato chips every week along with healthy doses of chocolate. It should be accompanied by a medication with the side effects of removing wrinkles.

Back to reality and no, I’m not giving up everything. Maybe just a tweak or two. I already eat healthy so it won’t be much change. Except for potato chips and bacon.

82 thoughts on “Healthy diets or not!

  1. At least your diet did not consist of french fries, potato chips and white bread which allegedly has caused a teenager to permanently lose his eyesight according to the news this week. Who knows what to eat or drink – everything is harmful according to the experts and they change their mind on the list of good versus the list of bad items. My mom heard scary stories about how too much sodium raises your changes for having a stroke about 20 years ago – she starting cooking with Sodium Sense and after that no salt on fries whether in the house or at the fast food joint. It was quite a loss!!

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  2. You are a stitch, Kate. I loved the list of things for which a disgusting diet is the answer. Leprosy and black plague????

    The person who called about my recent bone density test must have been reading someone else’s report. She said my bones had improved. My bones have never gotten better before. Highly suspicious, don’t you think? I wish flesh would waste away as quickly as bones.

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  3. It’s a lot of work staying on top of our dietary needs and deficiencies. I don’t know if this would appeal to you or not, but my mom was told she had to get more greens in…not her thing. She’s now adding them to smoothies and enjoying them. Just a thought! I gave bacon up years ago, but the aroma still gets to me! 🙂

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    • I use bacon like a condiment. Just a little in a dish prep can go a long way. I rarely eat it on it’s own. There is nothing like the smell of bacon and coffee in the morning! I’m not sure I could trick myself with greens in smoothies. I may try it though.


  4. I have been on a “better” diet for a year now. I still eat what I like (just less of it) and a lot of what I don’t especially find tasty. I walk 3-4 miles most days and walk up 8 flights of stairs once or twice a day. Haven’t lost a pound but my bad cholesterol went from 200 to 99. I’m happy and will stay on the better diet and exercising plan. Life is compromise.

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    • I’m impressed. Cholesterol changes are harder to make with diet. I won’t eat what I don’t like but I will eat less of the bad and more of the veggies (which I love). I’m almost as happy with a plain potato as I am with a potato chip (almost). I’m surprised you haven’t lost weight. That’s a lot of diet and exercise! Life is a compromise in many ways.


  5. Well if it’s not one restriction it’s another. I’m sure you’ll adapt, but the mere fact that you are supposed to is annoying. Seems like the older we get the more variety we need in our diets. Same old, same old? That’s for preschoolers.

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    • Seems like we revert back to what we were initially. Fortunately I’m not on pablum or diapers. I got sick from wine about 4 years ago and haven’t had it since. Sometimes margaritas are hard on my stomach so I’m very careful there and rarely order them out. Oh to be 20 again and have an iron stomach and great bones!

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  6. The only restriction that bothers me is regarding salt. I need to stay away from it too, but I’m always craving salty goodies. I’m good for the most part, cheating only a handful of times a week and even then comparatively minuscule amounts compared to my debauch-eating years. But, oh I fantasize those chips, popcorn, et. al. – Marty

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    • Unless something makes me truly ill, that’s what I do too although I will try to cut back on salt and sugar. I have low blood pressure so salt has never affected me but it’s still not good at least at the amount we get in foods.

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  7. I’m scheduled for my first Prolia injection this month. I took most of the summer to think about it after my recent Dexa scan. As far as bacon ( we hardly ever eat it but…) and buttah, ice cream, tater salad, hot dogs, cheeseburger, Grouper sandwiches and wine… all in moderation. I am not giving up the things that make me happy. Just living for today and if a cheeseburger and a glass of wine sounds good for dinner than that’s what it will be! A lime in your margarita sounds prudent… Ha! I’m with Jill.

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  8. Seeing some of my elderly relatives end up in nursing homes, completely dependent on other people for care…I think I’ll take my chances and have that bacon. Living a long life when you no longer have a decent quality of life isn’t really living.

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  9. I can so relate to your struggles! I’m still on the learning curve to understand moderation and portion control! And yes, none of us are immortal, no matter what care we take of ourselves!

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  10. So, these two fit doctors in their late seventies met at a reunion and compared their (very) healthy lifestyles. Then they started guessing what they would probably die of (painful cancers, dementia, etc.) as they aged. Pretty soon they were drinking, then they’d ordered a pizza and ice-cream.

    They realized that, at their age, they’d rather go quickly with a heart attack.

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  11. I hear you and I feel your pain (literally). This aging thing stinks and it’s not fair that while our bodies are visibly crumbling around us, stuff is happening inside too – bone/hormone wise. Reminds me of back when my Dad was told to cut out bacon and some other favorite things he told the doctor “that’s taking away my quality of life – I won’t do it!” – he was in his late 70s at the time. I’ll be knocking on that door in a few years and I’m kind of seeing his point. LOL Not that I want to throw caution to the wind, but I do think I’ll be weighing out what the medical pros have to say vs. at least having SOME of the rest of my life on my own terms! Osteoporosis is a toughie – we need our FRAMES……we hang our clothes on them!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Perhaps they will come up with better solutions. I was relieved that I mostly eat very healthy and it’s by choice although because of GI issues I gave up some things like caffeine, soda, rich foods, etc. many years ago.


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