Sassy cats — Look what was delivered!

The delivery guy came with two packages from Chewy. Look what was in one!


She had to chew on it for a while!

Sasha: Yum, yum! There was cat food in here.

Gracie was not happy! She wanted to box her up for a return!

Sasha: No, no! Go away! My box!

Nothing was returned. The cat food and litter was stored and peace returned to the catdom (sort of). Although later in the day I saw this.

Gracie: This is a cool box. You are now mine! Mine, mine, mine!

In the meantime, in another part of the castle, Mollie was wheels up.

I wonder what those young’uns are up to! Keep them far far away!

Everyone here wishes you the bestest weekend (wheels up!).

64 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Look what was delivered!

  1. I think I’ll order me up a Sasha in a box! Love the dialogue under the picture with Sasha in the box clobbering Gracie with the box flap. This is a super cute post and the series of photos and dialogues are fun and super smile worthy! Mollie with “wheels up” cracks me up and she manages to still look like a kitty movie star! Great pictures, Kate!

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    • You are lucky. When we first got the cat tree, Morgan was young. She didn’t want anyone else on it despite 5 landing spots. As she got older she became more accommodating and I have many pictures of her and Hazel on it at the same time.


  2. Our cats can’t beat Gracie to chewing on boxes now. Gracie has radar for boxes that need a good chew. Poor kitties! Boxes get emptied and go out with recycling immediately now.

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