Sassy cats — Mollie and Sasha

Sasha has made good friends with the other cats in the past four months. Each cat is special to her. Gracie is her playmate and Morgan is the older sibling — part playmate, part hairy eyeball giver. Her relationship with Mollie is more complicated.

She took a shine to Mollie but Mollie is an old cat and wasn’t interested in such a young playful protegee. Mollie is not fond of other cats sleeping too close. She has a real thing about personal space. That attitude resulted in some head womps for Sasha but Sasha wasn’t discouraged.

After a lot of observation I wondered if Mollie reminds Sasha of her cat mom. She likes to be near her and she always does submissive positioning. Never aggressive or fearful. Last week I saw her try to nurse on Mollie. (That didn’t go well. Huge head womp!)ย 

Somehow Mollie got it. She lets Sasha close by and has even been seen washing Sasha’s face (she’ll deny it if you ask her). They don’t play together (Mollie is beyond playing) but they will peacefully sleep next to each other (no touching — personal space you know!). Warms my heart.

On the same lounge in the master bedroom

A little blurry but they are sharing a chair and an ottoman on the porch

About as close as Mollie allows on the spare bed

Mollie, Sasha and the rest of the crew wish you a great weekend!

59 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Mollie and Sasha

  1. Cats are soo heart warming. They can also be super unpredictable. I was visiting my friend’s house when I saw her cat hissing at the TV when a commercial came on XD

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  2. Sweet……Sasha “gets it” but it’s awfully tough NOT to want a big sister (or Mom) if you’re used to having that kind of comfort. Seems an “understanding” has been reached though and THAT works…..the photos prove that.

    Happy weekend
    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

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    • Sasha was part of a feral clowder. The rescue group said all the kittens rescued were easily socialized with wonderful personalities. I wonder if they slept on a pile to keep warm. Sometimes that happens in the wild.

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      • Probably…..Teddy is an “independent sleeper”…..he doesn’t cuddle up or sleep on our bed – he’s a loner. He LOVES people though so must have been around them his first year in some way. Some of his behaviors make me think maybe barn cat. There are horse farms all over this area……

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        • Except for Mollie who sleeps at my feet, the rest of my cats are independent sleepers. They have their spots and no one (not even Sasha) sleeps with anyone else. Weird especially when I see all these pictures of a pile of cats. My girlfriend has a horse farm and barn cats can be very friendly.

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