The class reunion – the end of the story!

Reunion wrap-up – I didn’t go but I watched for the Facebook photos. They were posted last week. They had a good turnout considering the age of everyone but less than last time. Out of about 30 classmates I initially recognized five. I played with the photos, enlarging so I could read the name tags. Sometimes that was successful and sometime it was too blurry. None of my high school friends attended so had I gone, I wouldn’t have “caught up” with them. I may have made new friends. Or not.

An “aha” moment – I am living close to the town where I grew up. I’ve often wondered why I never ran into people from high school. That mystery is solved. I wouldn’t have recognized them. Especially the men, they looked so different. Even with name tags clearly identifying them, I had to look hard for the old recognizable features. I rarely found it. Weight and baldness (or white hair) can do that. Some people seemed to morph into someone totally different.

One good moment – I found a guy I had a crush on in my senior year. He liked someone else and nothing worked out for either of us. After I read his name tag, I recognized him. He has aged but he looks very similar with a full head of hair and the same slim build. I know how to pick them even when it doesn’t work out.

The class reunion is done for another five years. Enough time for the curiosity to burble up. Until then…

63 thoughts on “The class reunion – the end of the story!

  1. Moved around so much as a teenager I never stayed in one school (or town) long enough to really make good friends… and certainly nobody would know who I was… so any kind of reunion would be useless! I once did consider going to the reunion of the school I graduated from, making up a fictional name and life story and see who would fall for it…. “oh yes, of course I remember you…”

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  2. Love the cartoon! I did the same thing in our Facebook group for the 40-year reunion. The name tags blurred when I enlarged the photo unfortunately. The girls were tough as they did not all use their maiden name and the guys weren’t much easier to figure out, but we had 613 in our graduating class, so I didn’t know many of the class at all. I am finding that people in my class are passing away – three or four in the last year and people are posting in the group and sharing the obit notice – I haven’t recognized any one of them.

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  3. I went to my ten-year and although I didn’t regret it, I swore them off after. Something else; I think people try way too hard at these things to put on a certain image, still trying to impress people they knew at 15. Nobody wants to say their life is a wreck! It’s all kind of exhausting.

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  4. I just don’t know if I am going to mine…it is our 55th! I want too, but I don’t want too…can’t figure out a good reason to go…but lots of reasons not to go! My husband never went to his, with the thought that if he wanted to be in the company of a high school chum he would be. But why go to a reunion to see people you really don’t care about anyway?

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  5. It has been 40 years since I have seen any classmates. I know I wouldn’t recognize them and probably wouldn’t remember their names. I sort of would like to know what they look like now and what they have been doing since 1966 and if they have the same personalities. But not enough to take the time to find out. I hated school and all the drama!

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  6. I go to my reunions (except the one they held on my wedding day…) and enjoy them. Since many still live here where we went to school, it’s nice to re-connect. I’ve also developed friendships with people I went to school with over the years (some dating back to elementary school) but were never in my circle of friends back then. I find that my taste in friends has changed over the years… and I imagine that I have too. For instance, I no longer rate boys on their ability to surf.

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    • OMG! I snorted soda through my nose when I read that you rated boys by surfing skills! That’s a hoot. Living inland, none of the guys here would make the cut! I have changed too. I’m no long shy (at least that shy) although still not great at nonsense chitter-chatter. There may be some people that I would find interesting now and I hope we’ve all grown beyond the high school behaviors. Our school was sort of small (graduating class of 111) and there wasn’t bullying that I was aware of. Skirmishes but not outright bullying.

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  7. It’s interesting you posted this, because I had something similar going on. I went to an outdoor concert last night in the area where I grew up. I thought for sure I’d recognize someone from “back in the day,” but nope. Not a one. I wondered if it’s because of the aging process or if most of them don’t live there anymore.

    Sounds like your HS crush is still looking good. My HS crush died right after graduation (40 years next year, 😖). He was hit by a car! It was such a shock, because at that age I thought we were invincible. It was really hard for me at the time, because I really liked him, and it also brought up thoughts of my own mortality. BTW, he and I were not involved. He had a girlfriend, but I’m pretty sure he knew about my crush through the grapevine.

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    • It may be that some of my classmates “came back” for the reunion but there are about 12 to 15 of them that meet every month for breakfast so for sure they live nearby. Except for a very few, I wouldn’t recognize them. My crush is still looking good. He never was the most handsome. I found him interesting and ambitious both in school and working. I believe he turned out to be an accountant for a large company locally. We were never more than friends. Sigh. Getting hit by a car back then was a big deal. My girlfriends brother was killed in an auto accident while still in school. He and a few of his friends were racing. Heartbreaking.

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  8. I keep saying I’m going to go to the next reunion, then always find an excuse not to attend. Primarily, because it’s a 7 hour trip! I do keep up with most on Facebook.

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  9. You have just alleviated any concerns I might have, and I say might have had about not attending even one of my high school reunions. I enjoyed high school but when I was done there, I was done. Most of the kids I went to high school with stayed right in the little town or fairly close to the town I grew up in.

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  10. Now there’s something FB is actually good for. Got a giggle over the name tag dependence (Whew, it’s not just me that doesn’t recognize people after all these years)
    Maybe you can arrange your own class reunion of select friends to catch up – computer “meetings” are really quite handy – and you can go barefooted….with your preferred refreshments

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  11. Smart move on your part for not attending. I find if you don’t keep in touch with folks these days, why bother when you can see what they’re up to via social media with less aggravation. The expression that “if they were mean in high school, they’re propbably still mean, just overweight now” still rings true.

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    • I was shy in high school. I had friends but none were able to sustain the life changes that come after graduation. I would have been sorry if some of my friends from high school attended but none were there. It looked like a good time but I wasn’t sorry to miss it.


  12. I don’t go to class reunions either. If I still wanted to hang with you, I would be doing so and wouldn’t need to go to a reunion to catch up. What I have learned from others that have gone to my class reunions, is that there are a lot of people there for whom school was the high point of their lives and the reunion provides a way for them to relive their glory days. I enjoyed high school, but I’ve also enjoyed and continue to enjoy almost every day of my life. As far as I’m concerned I haven’t peaked yet, and my glory days are yet to come. 😉

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