Sassy cats — Best buds

Sharing a sunspot.

I’ve always wanted cats that sleep together in a pile but I’ve never had that. I’ve had cats that get along just fine but they prefer their own sleeping quarters. Sasha came from an outdoor feral group and was in a rescue that had open rooms. She is used to large groups (or clowders) of cats. She likes bumping butts to sleep. That hasn’t worked out for her so well here. However, she and Gracie are besties in many ways.

“Let’s bring him in. He’s be so much fun in the house. Kate won’t mind.”

Gracie is closest to her in age and both are young, active cats. They will play chase and ‘who stole my toy.’ They are both in love with our chipmunk that suns outside the sliding glass doors. They spend hours watching it. Together. Sometimes touching.

“Look, he crawled under the landing. Maybe he lives under the steps! How cool is that?”

Sasha, Gracie and the rest of the clowder of cats and humans wish you a great weekend!

55 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Best buds

    • They do. When something is going on with one (like I’m trying to stuff them in a carrier for a vet rip) they all come out to see. Not sure it they are saying “it’s not me, na na na na na!” or If it’s more like “it’s ok, you’ll survive.” They are cats.


      • We rescued a kitten once ~ found it in the “woods” across the street from us. It was tiny but feisty. We took it home and our 2 aged cats said, “No. Not a chance. Take IT away.” So we found a new home for Buddha with a professor from the university who’s “mama cat” adopted Buddha.

        And he lived happily ever after. (I know because Dr. Maloof sent me regular updates at Christmas). If Buddha’s still alive, he is 18.

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  1. Very cute. My last cat would’ve brought that chipmunk home for lunch (she was indoor/outdoor).
    BTW, I thought of you this morning. I went to the local health food store to buy my supplements and a smoothie. While there, I noticed one side of an aisle devoted to chia seeds and hemp seeds and actually chuckled to myself thinking of you. I almost bought a bag to tell you I had some, but the supplements were adding up. Maybe next time I make a run there.
    Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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    • By all means, test them out for me! My old cat Jake (indoor-outdoor) killed chipmunks and kept the population in our yard down. Now they are running around like crazy. So far we’ve had no damage from them. We do have hawks and foxes to keep things in check.

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  2. Nothing says you’re finally home for sure like a bestie art your side. We’ve had cats that mound ( especially in cold weather and they insist on sleeping in the sun in the little lean-to greenhouse we had), but some cats just like their space. Universal cat manners mean they each find their way and get along, I guess. Love them watching cat TV pictures.

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      • Ha! Go Lacy. My black cats weren’t so feisty. But Boss Cat? Her face is calico, her torso is tortie, one leg is tiger, but she is fierce all over. Bashes charging dogs in the face and smacked around a coyote, too.

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          • I read somewhere that any female cat sandwiched between mostly males in utero absorbed extra testosterone in utero. Pretty sure Boss was the only female in a litter of five males. I’ve never heard of a cat deliberately hitting a coyote repeatedly instead of running. Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. (She escaped at 6 AM when I was watering plants. I left the door open rather than chase her, because she’d run across the street. 30 seconds later I heard snarling, ran to the front door, and Boss was in it, giving that coyote a bunch of combination punches to the face. It never did come back to our street. I guess the shame was too much.)

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  3. Years ago I had three cats and one cat basket, small. I have a photo of all three crammed in there, snoozing in front of the fireplace. I don’t know how the bottom guy survived! I wish my four guys today would do the same. They like to bump butts with we humans, but rarely do they cuddle with each other. I wish they would.

    Enjoy our weekend, Kate!

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  4. What can be better than best buds being together! Happy weekend to all of you! Thanks for the smiles!
    Its amazing the attention span of an animal isn’t it! Our Yorkie will sit looking up at a tree for hours waiting for a squirrel to come down!

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  5. Happy Porch Weather Kinda Weekend to the humans and the Sassy Cats! Those two are pretty dang cute together. It’s always nice to have a friend that likes what you like!
    I bought the Benefits yesterday. Now I have to get on YouTube and study putting on liquid foundation. I have been using Bare Minerals for 15 years. I am not good with blending!

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          • I have never worn eye makeup because I wore contacts. I’m not much for messing with makeup. I was tired of all those little minerals flying around and getting in my eyes. Ready to go back to a liquid foundation. I played with it and applied it two days. Used my fingers and it went on easily with good coverage, hasn’t settled in my lines and wrinkles too terribly bad. I like it a lot! I will see how it stands up to the Florida “sweats”. It is so nice to use just the foundation applied with my fingers (no brushes) and not a concealer, foundation, and mineral veil. Just a bit of blush and eyebrow pomade and I am good to go! I am kinda excited to put it on again this morning 🙂

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