Sassy cats — Friends without benefits

This is Morgan (left) and Mollie (right). They are not best buddies but they do get along. Morgan gets too active for Mollie so she has to be wapped on the head. Mollie is good at discipline. Here they are having a peaceful snooze within a few feet of each other without fussing.

All the cats wish you a great weekend.

49 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Friends without benefits

  1. Good Morning, Kate! Hope you and the Sassy Cats have a restful Sunday. One more day, Monday, of the Master Bath redo and we are done and we will have our house back to ourselves. You have some lovely lighting on Mollie and Morgan. The Sassy Cats have some great windows to watch their outside world.

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  2. That snooze in the sun looks so inviting doesn’t it? Cats always seem to have a knack for picking out the primo spot to snooze in the sun. I’ve never had a cat but see other folks’ cat pics and that seems to be the case.

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      • Yes, all that fur makes you way too warm. When I was still in the blogging group, one of the bloggers lived in California and had a Maine Coon cat. That cat was huge and all that fur. He lived in the mountains in a little house, like a cabin, and could not install A/C. He was always saying how hot Pikey was and he’d go under his bed where it was cool and dark.

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