Random 3 for March 3 – Betty story, germs, weather

I’m running on empty this week so there are only three!

Looking much better these days. She is again issuing orders from the rehab place

Betty story – With my sis-in-law in a rehab facility gaining strength I have some stories. She was on a semi-liquid diet – cottage cheese, soups, pudding and some mystery food. After a week or so of that nonsense she was ready for some of the candy that came as gifts. We took a few pieces in to her. We had no sooner put them on her table when I noticed that she had chipmunk cheeks. She ate two truffles in was seemed like a nanosecond. Nothing in the hospital seems like a nanosecond so this was really fast. She was ready for solid food.

Back away from my hands – I’m a germaphobe. I don’t like to shake hands unless I can immediately wash them. Especially in the winter. Over the last few weeks I’ve met a few docs along the way and they always shake my hand. Medical settings are germy. A friendly ‘hi’ will do the trick for me. Maybe I need a sign.

Mother Nature – She’s been very disappointing. Whenever I have something scheduled she doles out bad weather. My brother was discharged from the hospital in a swirling snowstorm. My SIL was transferred to the rehab in a windstorm with 55 miles per hour gusts. Yesterday I planned a road trip and we woke up to 4 inches of snow. Seriously, I need some sunshine and nice weather. Please.

So how was your week?

61 thoughts on “Random 3 for March 3 – Betty story, germs, weather

  1. I guess when you’ve had nothing but hospital food for weeks the offerings of the outside world should be devoured..:)
    At least they have those hand sanitizers in hospitals and you’re never too far from a rest room.

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    • She has been wolfing down hot pastrami sandwiches too! I think there should be a burst of sanitizer that covers you when you walk in or out of a hospital. Like in the old days, some of the department stores would squirt perfume in their doorways.

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  2. Wonderful SIL’s recovery is going so well – geesh, you’d think the weather would have pity on those dealing with those with medical issues – snow is fine: on ski slopes and if you absolutely no reason to force you out in it if you don’t want. Take care – this is such an annoying winter – I hate these cold wet grey winters – but we had a day of sun – I’m wooshing some your direction – I think you need it more. Take care – of yourself, too!

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  3. I’m with you on the germaphobe thing. After someone shake’s my hand, I try not to touch any part of me until I can get my hands washed. Hand sanitizer will do in a pinch, but I prefer washing.

    This time of year is the toughest to get through. We had those winds, too. Thankfully, no extra snow here, but we’re down to -5 this morning. Ugh. I saw a 40 forecast for this weekend. As soon as it hits 50, I’m putting on my flip-flops. :-D.

    Your SIL looks fantastic for being in a bad accident.

    Stay safe and warm, Kate.

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  4. Your sister-in-law looks good, and her hair looks great! Your weather, on the other hand, needs improvement.

    Today we had good weather, and I was thinking as I drove down I-5, how easy it is to do everything on a sunny day, and I was remembering how different it felt when I was trapped at home a couple of weeks ago by the snow and ice. I hope your weather improves real soon.

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  5. When you can “squirrel away” candy, you’re doing better! LOL! Good for her! And I do wish warmer weather for you, Kate. I think having some springtime sunshine would be a health benefit for each of you right now. At least doctors are constantly washing their own hands. But I get your point! 🙂

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  6. Your SIL looks great. I bet she is anxious to get home. Although I don’t consider myself a germaphobe I’m not crazy about shaking hands when I can’t wash afterwards either. I will often offer my fist or elbow and mumble something about getting over “something” (aren’t we all getting over something all the time? I’m still not over the 2016 election). Worse than handshakes are grocery shopping carts… yikes!

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  7. I hear you on the hospital germ factory. I used to wash my hands 6-8x a day in mom’s hospital room with their horrifically strong soap and by the time I left the skin was cracking off my fingers. I recommend some lotion I got at dollar tree of all places. It’s Petroleum Jelly lotion. Yup. And damn it works. full recommend.

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  8. Note to self: do the Obama fist-pump if I ever meet Kate in person. I had a doctor once who never shook hands with his patients for the same reason. I couldn’t blame him, really. Glad to hear your SIL is improving, albeit slowly. – Marty

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  9. Glad to hear she is on the mend, that’s awesome news! Good job on the sneaking in of contraband LOL.

    I don’t like to shake hands too much, either, but am in a business where it’s part of what I do … often I put my hands up and say “I’m just getting over a bug” (not completely factual) in an attempt to stave off the handshake. It usually works. The worst is the ones who insist on shaking hands and then TELLING ME HOW SICK THEY ARE…. blah! tons of hand-washing over here, too.

    March roared in like a Lion so we’re hopeful for some Lamb-like weather later on … Happy Sunday!


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  10. I love her smile, her Pooh zip-up hoodie, and her hair looks darling. She looks like she is full of mischief. I don’t look that cute at 67… dang!!! We are having some very awesome weather here… I wish I could send a truck load up there to you. I am a germaphobe too and I think you are very brave… Ha!

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    • Trust me I’m not brave. I rush to the rest room to wash my hands as soon as possible. I don’t like hand sanitizer or I’d buy that by the pallet! Please do send some good weather! I’ll be good, I promise! We are having just a little sunshine now before our next big snowstorm tonight. Maybe it’ll be a bust. Fingers crossed.


    • I’m good. When I see both of them as healthy as they are, I’m really good. I was very fortunate. Every thing was relatively close by. The only weird part was when they took them to different ERs at opposite ends of the city. Fortunately, they worked with me to transfer my brother over. The other hospital has the big trauma center that Betty needed. Enjoy your weather for me. This week will be freaking cold (that’s colder than cold) but after that we’re hoping to see some warming. I did see some daffodils trying to pop up.


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