Sassy cats — contractor edition

Morgan: Is he gone?

We have had a contractor working here all week. The cats are not happy. Hazel, who at 15 pounds, can be a liquid cat and somehow fit under a love seat that is not big enough, isn’t seen until after he leaves at 5:30 p.m. No food trips, no potty trips but don’t stand in her way when he’s out the door.

Gracie is not deterred. She does her routine undisturbed in plain sight. Mollie and Morgan are middle-of-the-road cats. They don’t hide but they are not happy to have their routine upset. Especially the part where they don’t get to eat every two hours.

Mollie: There is too much noise! It interferes with my multiple naps. Make it go away!

The tile guy will finish today but I don’t know how to tell them that the plumber will be back next week! Perhaps I won’t mention it.

74 thoughts on “Sassy cats — contractor edition

  1. Their expressions say it all! I hope by now the job is complete and the contractor’s sent packing!

    And I thought of you recently, Kate. We have a little black kitty visiting us surreptitiously. We leave food out for him (or her) but if he sees us, off he runs. I think he may be abandoned, as he is very skinny. We’re putting out food and hoping we can rescue. It breaks my heart…you know how I am with an animal needing rescue! 😦

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  2. Don’t tell them the plumber is coming back.

    I kind of like having workers around. (My dad was a carpenter.) Of course, if their saws are noisy or their varnish smells, that’s another story. I remember the terrible sound of a saw on tile when I had my kitchen remodeled.

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  3. Most of our cats are nowhere to be found when there are strangers in the house too! We had one a while ago who was everybody’s friend, but he was unusual. We called him a puppy cat, because he was more like a dog than a cat 🙂

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  4. Annie is under the bed the whole time anyone is here. Doesn’t matter if it is all day. She’s back out the instant the door closes on them on their way out–LOL! I have had other cats who greeted company like a friendly dog and even followed them around out of curiosity. They’re all so different.

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  5. My dad has had the same two cats for about 8 years now. I’ve only seen one of them twice, and even that was in the blink of an eye. Anytime someone comes over to their house, he hides until they leave. His other cat is the opposite. He’s thrilled to see new people just like a dog.

    I know how it is to have a pet’s routine thrown off. Max has been confused about all the hullaballoo over the fridge.

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  6. I don’t think (or remember) our Harry ever being particularly friendly. Not mean or not even shy. You came to visit and he opened one eye and well that was kind of it. Now, however, if a car pulls in the driveway, [or shudder] the door bell rings, he breaks all land and stair speed records to get upstairs and hide! I think it all started from a visit from my daughters very large dog. The dog is very friendly…but my guys are not interested. And therefore, until proven wrong, they must hide because there must be a dog lurking somewhere!

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    • No I don’t think so. We have hardwood and occasionally I think of refinishing the first floor because they have yellowed. Not only would we have to rent a pod for the furniture (and load it) but we would have to block the cats in a room. All four of them. Yeowza!

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  7. That’s an amazing picture of Mollie. You had to be standing on your head to get it. Kudos!

    My two are the same way. They just disappear and I have no idea where they go. And then 60 seconds after the “stranger” leaves, they reappear, fluffing their respective tails.

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    • The contractor goes in and out, cutting and fitting, all day but they know when he goes out for the last time. Maybe they can hear the truck start up. The camera was at floor level for Mollie’s pic.


    • I worry about that too. She’s an older cat. The contractor is working in a bathroom upstairs. We have litter boxes both on the second floor and basement level so she could go to the basement. Just haven’t found any evidence of it.


  8. I would leave as a surprise too… I wish the two would hide somewhere if we have workers, they always look sceptical if we say they are not dangerous while the wildest “I’ll KILL YOU” howling happens behind the closed door…

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