Random 5 for December 9 – House project, popcorn, sales, S’mores, More S’more

Disruption — We’ve had a contractor working here all week. I dislike the intrusion and lack of privacy (and getting up really early) but this guy did everything he could not to be intrusive. He didn’t walk through the house, instead walking around outside in the frigid weather. He ate in his truck. He cleaned up before he left every night. You expect these things but they don’t always happen. It worked out great. A few more bits of work and our last summer project is done.

One weird thing – He ate popcorn almost every day using our microwave. I don’t have a problem with that but the smell made us crave popcorn. The beloved husband went out and bought a box.

Holding my own – Right now there are great sales on things I would like. (in my head! I don’t need anything.) I’m working very hard not to fall for them. Both air fryers and instant pots are on sale. I have refrained from purchasing (I love kitchen toys!) because often I buy and then don’t use them. Or they take up too much space. Or the results don’t suit me. I will get an instant pot if I have to replace one of my crock pots (which I use a lot). I’m afraid the air fryer would end up as popular as my bread maker. It is now residing at my niece’s house. But you never know…

Absolutely deprived – In the course of conversation the beloved husband said he never had a S’more. What’s worst is that he didn’t introduce his kids to them. I am sure they are in therapy after being denied such a simple rite of childhood!

Source: The Hershey Company

So what the hay is a S’more? – If you’ve lived under a rock, it’s a fun thing to do camping or around a grill. The bottom is a graham cracker, topped by half of a chocolate bar, with a toasted marshmallow and graham cracker on top. The hot marshmallow melts the chocolate. Yum! I will have to make some for him.

So how was your week?

91 thoughts on “Random 5 for December 9 – House project, popcorn, sales, S’mores, More S’more

  1. What? No S’mores? That’s a shame and I would definitely recommend you remedy that deprivation immediately! The calories won’t count because you’re performing a service. Add to that the popcorn. Once I smell it, I have to have it. 🙂

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  2. Now that’s a contractor who is considerate—a vanishing breed to be sure. With his love of popcorn, though (and while he’s still there), you might wanna consider having an in-home theater built. You never know—you just might get a discount! And products that are not only useful and appealing, and that would make our lives a little easier, on sale during the holidays? Could it be Madison Avenue advertisers are thinking, ‘Tis the Season’ to encourage Americans to add to our credit card debt? The hubby has never eaten S’mores? Kate, you have to get this man on board right away—he has no idea what a confection he’s missing! 😀

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    • Now that is weird! This guy brought his own food. At another house I had contractors who used the ice dispenser on my fridge without asking. Unfortunately the construction required us to move the fridge so the water line wasn’t hooked up anymore. Once the reservoir of ice was gone, there was no ice. I wasn’t going to make cubes in trays for them!

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  3. Hi, Kate – I must have been living under the rock that was right beside your husband’s. He never had S’mores before and I never heard of an Instant Pot. Now that I’ve Googled it, I can see myself wanting one of those. And it could save money and space by being so versatile!! 🙂

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  4. I am going to try to be like you when our master bath redo begins but I’m telling you I am going to go bonkers. It has taken forever to get it scheduled and we think they will start the second week of January. To be fair we held them up a month or more because of visitors in October and possible visitors this month and March. CH loves popcorn and nibbles on it pretty much every day… when he pops it instead of buying at The Publix he pops it in bacon grease with a little salt and pepper. I am going to have to give s’mores another chance!

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    • Bacon grease? Yum! Hope your bath renovation goes smoothly. Somehow they usually don’t! I put a stripe of glass tiles in. I was diligent about the color but now that it’s up, it looks dark. Oh well. I tried something new and it didn’t work in my application.


  5. The marshmallow in the s’more should be nicely charred. I love s’mores. Or I used to. I had some a few years ago and they weren’t as magical as I remembered. Still excellent, but my memory had turned them into some kind of ambrosia. 🙂

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  6. So glad the contractor was considerate! I feel the same way about new kitchen gadgets. I love them, but am at the point in my life where I have to be a little realistic. People just love their Instant Pots, but… Not just now. Oh my gosh! I hope you immediately fixed him up with a s’more!

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  7. Do I need to write a blog post about slow cooker versus instant pot? I have both. I love my slow cooker (it’s a large oval one so it fits everything). The instant pot is the devil. Seriously, the. DEVIL. Those things are dangerous, and especially around cats, I might add. OK, end of rant. Happy week ahead!

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  8. Never been a fan of smores. I like the parts separately but not together for some reason. Glad that your construction worked out. We had a bathroom remodel a few years ago and I know it can be very invasive if not done well. Kitchen gadgets don’t call to me. New crafting tools, that’s another story!

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  9. Oh Kate, I’ve never had this delightful confection! Marshmallows are now on my shopping list, those big ones, as is a bar or 6 of chocolate. I’ll use digestive biscuits, but the problem is going to be how to melt the mallow. I used to make what is now recognised as Rocky Road with marshmallows, dried fruit, digestives/gingernut biscuits or a mixture of the two, butter and melted chocolate. It was meant to last a few days, but never saw the second.

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  10. Awww! The smell of freshly popped corn! I could eat it for every meal. And then have s’mores for desert. I think all our summer projects got put on hold and I’m not sure why. Not much was accomplished this summer. ~Elle

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  11. I love popcorn, and have decided to not give it up but to make it with olive oil. It’s not the same as smothering it with butter, but my palette will cooperate I’m pretty sure since it means keeping it in the family.

    I too hate workers underfoot, who I make wear booties that really cut them down to size, since many arrive with an attitude due to my ritzy neighborhood. I wanna tell them, things aren’t always what they seem, since my bank account says, I should be living in the Bowery,

    I’ve bought nothing lately, though sales abound, but did splurge on socks at J. Crew who had a 30% off sale. Nothing like new argyles to pick up a girl’s spirits.


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  12. Oh my gosh! He never had a Smore! Oh the sweetness he has missed out on, yes you must introduce him to theim. Can’t waste anymore precious time. 🙂

    Keep standing strong! Sales can be hard to resist. You think oh that is so cheap surely I shouldn’t pass it up!

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  13. You know I have a friend who when we were around 40 y.o. admitted to me that she’d never had a s’more. I was flabbergasted. She grew up in a small town like I did. She was in scouts like I was. But somehow she’d missed out on them. The next time she and her husband were over for dinner, I introduced her to s’mores. We’ve remained good friends to this day!

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