Sassy cats — Kitchen edition

Human! What do you mean I can’t go in the kitchen!

This past week we refinished our kitchen floor. It’s hardwood and every few years we sand it and topcoat it. It’s not a big job but it puts the kitchen (heart of the cat food world) out of commission. The floofs in this house were not happy.

First we took out the furniture. That’s the table and chairs…the very chairs that they sit on and sleep on. They were not happy.

Then we blocked off access. That included access to the screened-in porch, home of the afternoon and evening naps. They were not happy.

Morgan and Gracie being very judgy!

Three cats had to have their feeding places relocated. There was a lot of discussion about it and no one liked their new spot. They attempted a hunger strike but they are cats. It did not last. There were no alternative mice to nibble on.

This went on for three days. Three long painful days (and that’s for the humans). Lots of whining and “butt in the face” punishment.

Now we are back in business, sort of. We can’t put the carpet,Β table and chairs back until it’s “cured.” That will be Tuesday. In the meantime Gracie is sleeping on the kitchen chair which is stored in the dining room. The other cats remain upstairs on various beds. (Note to self: Getting visitors next week. Check bed for hairballs. Wash bedding.)

Mollie: Get these cats outta my area!

When the access was opened they smelled everything (checking for intruders I’m sure), then they went back to their temporary spots for a nap. Only Morgan decided to sleep in the porch.

What can I say? They are cats.

58 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Kitchen edition

  1. That’s a challenging project even without taking the cats into consideration! I’m impressed! And it must feel so good to have the fresh floors. I hope the cats appreciate all you go through to have a nice house for them!

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  2. That is a huge job. We had cork kitchen and dining room floors in our first place – lovely and contemporary – but the maintenance and yearly re-surfacing. Whew. (Our 3 cats were really miffed as it was necessary to cross the dining room to get to the outdoor cat door …nothing like a cat who thinks she/he is being held prisoner…no amount of food will soothe 2 of the 3…)
    Hope things finished up as expected and staff is forgiven

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    • Table and chairs went back in the kitchen today so they had someplace to sit (like there aren’t enough chairs in this house!). They were only locked out of the porch for 2 days and they got very dramatic about it all. Calls to Cat Protective Services. House visits. The works.

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  3. Oh gosh, how did they ever survive?!? With fosters in the house, Harley and Woodrow have lost their after-dinner snacking spot. They don’t seem to mind too much. Maybe because they’re both foster fails and understand what’s going on. πŸ™‚

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  4. I am like the your cats and don’t like anything that disrupts the workings on the house or my peaceful routine. Especially in summer and never near holidays. Refinishing hardwoods is a BIG BIG job! I am glad you are done with it and can enjoy their new beauty. We are getting ready to do a complete redo of the master bath and I am going to need valium! I need to keep my eye on the prize… πŸ™‚ I think it will be nice.

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    • The older I get the less I like the disruption of these small projects. It really only took two days. The rest was staying off of it so I could dry properly and cure. Everything is back to normal except we can’t put furniture on it yet. Soon (that’s what I tell the cats)!

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  5. Our most recent DIY project involved getting new pillows and a shower caddy . . . and swapping out the old ones. Done! πŸ˜€

    I’m impressed that you managed to finish your project even with the cats’ approval!

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