Sassy cats — Shades of gray edition

Three of my cats are grey, two solid and one tabby. Mollie is a tortie with bits of gray but mostly black, orange and white. Here are some of my favorite greys.


Hazel checking on the ‘hood.


Gracie napping in the porch.


Morgan (left) and Gracie making new friends.

Question to bloggers: I have been having issues posting pictures on WordPress. My allotment is only half full. I also can’t place them. The pictures often go where they want to. Changes are difficult after the picture is posted. Sometimes they “take” and sometimes they don’t. This has been going on for over a week. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but for sure something has changed.





70 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Shades of gray edition

  1. Morgan and Gracie look conspiratorial in that side-by-side pose! I love it! I hope your photo problem is soon fixed. I haven’t had problems recently, but I have in the past. And then all of a sudden it was ok! Very frustrating, I know!

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  2. I had an entire blog disappear. I know it was there as I had comments about it. I finally found it in October 2016. How weird. As far as pictures, I’ve had no problems. I use IE and do any editing in MS Pictures and resize it before posting pic to my blog. Be sure to put your cursor where you want the picture before going to media… but I’m sure you do that. WP pushes Chrome because it is a Google product. It is sometimes a fight to keep it from downloading by accident. Grrrr…

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  3. Such pretty grays.

    I haven’t had trouble with uploading pictures lately. I have noticed that I’m not getting every notification when someone comments. IOW, it’ll notify me about some and skip others.

    I found that I’ve had to go to the help boards and post when I have a problem. One of my long time problems was my posts not showing up in the Reader. It appeared to be just me. A fellow blogger (on those help boards) said it used to happen to her, and she told me what she did to fix the problem. That’s how I ended up fixing mine.

    Good luck. Hope it’s only a temporary glitch and it works itself out.

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  4. I’ve had trouble all week with WP. My issue is that it doesn’t tell me when someone comments on my blog. Another WP blogger who follows me tells me that she can’t “like” anything. I don’t know why your pics are not behaving, but you’re not alone wondering about what’s wrong with WP.

    Also, gray cats are cute.

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    • The notification bell doesn’t always work for me (to show likes or comments) but I always click on it anyway. They will be there, just not the notification. It gets frustrating. They had done some stuff to make posting pictures so much easier and flpft it was gone!

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    • Half the time I try to “like” something, it just won’t work
      They must be fiddling with the back room again – sigh. Hope it sorts out soon – I’m not on much right now, but have had picture suddenly jump into a weird spot just as I’m final reading before pushing “publish”
      Oh, well, they say challenges keep the brain young….better than my knees right now HAHA
      (And the gray cats are cute – wish mine hadn’t decided to adopt another home which is a good one, but to be shunned so….)

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  5. I love the shot of Gracie. 🙂 I haven’t had recent problems with photos on WordPress, but I did have some issues with links. I use Chrome, but Windows 10 is always trying to push me to use Microsoft Edge. I find that intrusive. Enjoy the upcoming weekend, Kate!

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  6. I use chrome as well but I post to Blogger and then the wonderful program at IFTTT automatically posts it to WordPress for me. I am no techie but I think IE is a very old program so it would make sense that things go wonky sometimes. It is not hard at all to switch. Good luck. Cute grays!

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  7. Ugh, WordPress (or any blogging) problems . . . I’ve been close to tears at times. When I’ve reached out for help, I couldn’t understand the lingo the helpful people were using! I wish you the best of luck.

    I gotta admit, when I glanced at the title of your blog post, I didn’t get all the words at once and only saw the Shades of Grey part. Haha, I was wondering if this was going to be an adult post! I have my grey cat, Emma Peel, in my lap right now. She spends a lot of time there when the weather turns colder.

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  8. Kate, your pictures of your lovely cats are a treat once again this Friday. I know another blogger that was having problems with uploading and placement of photos last week and she contacted the oh so helpful helper guys at WordPress and they told her to use Chrome and guess what?… All her problems went away… seriously. Just a thought… they said things go better at WordPress with Chrome and she was using IE.

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