Sassy cats — The holy grail

In this house, it’s the dining room table. Despite it’s hard surface, it’s the place to be. All shiny and usually clean. So elegant! And the humans get so excited to see us there. They used to flap their arms but they stopped doing that. Now they just say “whatever.” We are pretty sure that means “nice kitty.”

All except Gracie visit it from time to time with Hazel monopolizing it the most.

Hazel and Morgan are sharing but Hazel gets the chickens. They are HER chickens.  DO NOT TOUCH THE CHICKENS!

Even a corner will do. Let the footsies hang over.Mollie is the resident designer. She prefers to fluff up any centerpiece.

Mollie: Gah! Who arranged this? It’s out of whack. Let me just move the spider over a little…


All the cats here with you a great weekend! Mollie says to call if you need design help.

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The holy grail

  1. Love the kitty lounge!

    When Tigger was a wee kitten, he loved climbing in and on things. One day, we searched high and low for the little guy and couldn’t find him . . . until he raised his head from the wooden bowl he was napping in.

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    • Yes, that and how many breakables are there. Morgan loves the top of the mantel. It’s high but she can jump up in one leap. However, she bumps things and topples things. I’ve removed anything I treasure or is valuable. She’s four. I thought she’d be out of this phase but not quite yet.


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