Sassy cats — Morgan and friends

What? There’s a chipmunk here! Can I play with it? Open the door!morgan-doorwithchippie2-2016Here Chippie, Chippie, Chippie….I’ll be your friend. Let’s have lunch!morgan-doorwithchippie2016Gotta see if my friend the chickadee is around.morgan-atwindow2016Hope you get to spend some time with your friends.

37 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Morgan and friends

  1. I have never had a chipmunk visit our home base, but Zena chases the squirrels all day long. I don’t think she thinks of them as friends. Your cats are apparently more evolved to the idea of species cooperating in friendship. šŸ™‚ Adorable photos!

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  2. Love the stare-down pictures! That chipmunk understands the power the glass wall gives him. He’s saying “C’mon. Eat me. I dare you!” Your cat is looking into a glass case and trying to decide what he wants to eat. The rodent? Or the bowl of kibble you set out for him?

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    • I think they are cute too. We get more damage (chewed wires) from field mice but chipmunks and squirrels can both chew through wires and other stuff. They are funny in the summer. We have a screened porch. They will run around the 3 sides of the screening with a cat following them on the inside. I think it’s their way of giving our cats exercise!

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    • Jake brought one in about two years ago. Quite the commotion. I got it isolated in our office but it took a half hour to catch and put out. Fortunately this was when Jake didn’t have teeth so it was healthy, just scared. The other cats had their nose pressed against the glass doors between the foyer and the office. They thought it was so unfair to oust their new buddy.

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