Random 5 for November 20 – Confidence, shopping, underwear, Christmas, odd sights

beautyI know I’m getting old – I saw two former co-workers this week while shopping at the mall. We talked while we all ate pizza. About the time when they were ready to leave, it occurred to me that I didn’t remember if I had combed my hair. Since I was shopping I didn’t have jewelry or makeup on. I turned to look in a mirror and thought I looked good enough. Sure wish I would have had the confidence when I was younger!

Speaking of shopping – I was looking for a sweatshirt. Not an “old lady” one with kittens and puppies (not that I don’t love both of those) but I wanted something stylist and youthful (whatever that means). First off trendy “sweatshirts” aren’t sweatshirts in the traditional sense. Some had the shoulder cut out (I’m looking for warmth). Some had the designer’s name printed boldly (if you want me to advertise, pay me). Many looked like crap with ragged inside out seams and colors so faded I was challenged on what color to call them. The more shaggy and worn they were, the more costly. I left empty-handed. Back to places like LL Bean and Lands’ End.

Then there was the underwear section – I am always amused at how little scraps of fabric pass as underwear. What’s the point? Might as well go commando!

A first shot of Christmas – You can’t help noticing that it’s Christmas in all the stores. I had my first round of carols this week. There is something magic about the beginning of the season. Unfortunately that delight doesn’t last. I saw one of my favorite clips with Bing Crosby and David Bowie, both so young and alive. Made my eyes drippy.

Sights you would rather not see – When having lunch an older woman (maybe in her 50s) walk by outside. Temperatures were mid-50s. People had jackets on. She did not. She had a tee-shirt crop top that exposed her very, very ample midriff. Perhaps it would be borderline acceptable (but best covered) on a beach. Walking down the street in the fall weather it looked out-of-place and a little deranged.

So how was your week?

41 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 20 – Confidence, shopping, underwear, Christmas, odd sights

  1. Around this conservative area there is a sharp divide between well-groomed vs sloppy. It’s not so much that anyone is being sexy or status-y as much as it is a divide between self-awareness vs. willfully shabby. Each side makes their point about what they think is the proper way to dress, while kind of ignoring the other side. Homogenous we are not.

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  2. You know, I’m completely in agreement about you with the woman with her bare midriff, but sometimes when I see these women I am slightly envious of their self-confidence. I can be dressed 100% appropriately and still feel like I could have done better. I am WAY too hard on myself, typically. And the David Bowie/Bing Crosby “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy” is my favorite by far. I think this year it will even more make my eyes drippy, considering the passing of David Bowie and just my overall concerns. Bring it on!

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    • I always feel my most confidence when I am appropriately dressed. I enjoy seeing women who push the envelope and admire their confidence. This woman not only pushed the envelope, she burned the contents! Like you, I am looking for the comfort foods of life.


  3. There are too many times I see things and wish I hadn’t glanced over or even opened my eyes.
    I love that clip from Crosby and Bowie. I remember watching it on his Christmas show, wondering how this was going to go and sitting transfixed as they sang. One of my all time favorites.

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  4. I often venture out during the day sans makeup and without styling my hair beyond a comb after washing it. I know it’s not my best look but it’s easy and quick. Most often I don’t run into people I know, but when I do, I wish I had spent a bit more time on my appearance. Oh well, they probably don’t notice one way or the other.

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  5. First off, I love your comments. I myself venture out in the raw. I just don’t care as much as I used to. There is a freedom in that, to be sure.

    The Bing Crosby, Bowie shot made me shudder. So old, such a reminder of things to come. Bowie dying this year, being a fan, affected me greatly. Bing, on the other hand, checking old so long ago, didn’t perturb me that much. Time, it really changes things.

    Don’t worry about underwear. Life’s too short. 🙂


  6. I’m never surprised by what I see people wearing out in public these days, even in the workplace. I once saw a woman waiting in line at the Post Office dressed in her pajamas. I was raised to look your best when you leave the house. I don’t mean spending hours getting ready, but try and make a nice impression on the world. Go Eagles!

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  7. “I turned to look in a mirror and thought I looked good enough.” ~> that’s how I feel these days. I expect it’s because my eyesight is failing. 😀

    I like my zippered hoodie sweatshirt ~ easy on, easy off! Good luck finding a comfy sweatshirt. Land’s End and LL Bean are good bets.

    I like tops and bottoms to provide FULL coverage! I’m not much for “letting it all hang out.” I guess my eyesight isn’t that bad after all. 😛

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  8. Ugh. Christmas before Thanksgiving should be banned. I’ll call Trump …

    I know what you mean about sweatshirts. And sweatpants! A few years ago I tried to find one when I was going to have surgery. They are now all tight! Ummmmmmmmmm…

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