Sassy cats — Mollie and the centerpiece

I have one cat that chews artificial flowers. She doesn’t eat them. Just chews them to bits. For my dining room table I use ceramic centerpieces but every once in a while I like to soften it up. Mollie was impressed. It didn’t take her long to find it.mollie-diningrcenterpiece2016Mollie: Nice job! I like the berries but that chenille spider will not be long for this world!

41 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Mollie and the centerpiece

  1. RC Cat can’t wait for Christmas: she loves the manger set with figures collected from all around the world. She tends to grab a straw burro and head towards her Mousie Collection. Or after lulling us into a sense of security, she’ll stealthily sneak in and snatch the Woolly Lamb from New Zealand – not knock over anything in her path. She’s quite the extraction expert.
    Got to admire cats’ style.
    (Mollie is so elegant – how could she set a wrong paw down?)


  2. Cats can be little dickens, can’t they? Every cat I’ve ever owned has chewed on the flowers ~ dried, artificial or real. I love your centerpiece, Kate ~ very pretty!

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    • Argh! She did some berries and a few bites on the spider. Things have been quiet there lately. I have (really had) a dogwood arrangement for the spring that was deflowered. At least she doesn’t chew doors.


    • She is a wonderful (and very pretty) cat. I didn’t adopt her because she was pretty though. She was a 7 lb. mom cat with a litter. Her litter was adopted but she wasn’t. I couldn’t let her at the shelter by herself.

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