Random 5 for November 6 – Renovations, bloggers, bathrooms, controversy, Daylight Savings Time

Artwork by William Gottlieb, available at allposters.com

Artwork by William Gottlieb, available at allposters.com

It’s done! – Mostly done. The new tile floor is in the half bath. It’s as awesome as I was hoping but not without glitches. Broken drill bits, multiple visits to the home center and other weird unplanned stuff happened but doesn’t it always?

Speaking of which — We went 3-1/2 days without a downstairs bathroom. I really missed it even though I was raised in a house with only one upstairs bathroom. That’s one potty and we had to take turns. I know…it’s a first world country problem but I was amazed at how annoyed I was!

For bloggers – This week I saw something I thought one of my fellow bloggers would enjoy but when I went to her blog site there was no contact information. It wasn’t something I wanted to leave in a public message. Then I went to my own blog and realized I have no contact info either. Calling all blogger techies – without setting up a special email that I will never check, how can readers contact you privately?

Thanksgiving brouhaha – It’s started again. Should the stores be open on Thanksgiving? I don’t care. I don’t shop on Black Friday so I won’t shop on Thanksgiving. However, I know that many employees appreciated the incentives offered by retail stores for holiday work. I found that out the hard way by offering sympathy to someone who had to work it. Many other people MUST work on holidays like hospital, fire, police and emergency folks. (We never complain about that!) Whatever. People manage.

The cats aren’t happy – Switching times in the fall is not good for the cats. Breakfast is an hour later. They are not happy about that and express it freely. Meow!

So how was your week?

45 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 6 – Renovations, bloggers, bathrooms, controversy, Daylight Savings Time

  1. Congrats on getting the tile finished! Like you, it makes me nearly certifiable when I can’t contact a reader and although I have time to play Columbo, I’d really rather not. Only in a few cases have I not been able to sleuth out contact info (thank you WordPress) when someone is a follower. In this day and age of anonymity, it can be worrisome to have contact out there but really is the polite, responsible thing to do. 🙂

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    • Sometime after we’ve bought the “stuff” but before the project is done, I get this remorse. The old floor wasn’t broke, just ugly. Will I like what I picked so much better? For almost all projects the answer is always yes!


  2. Glad you’ve survived the bathroom redo. (We’re about to start some shower door/glass side replacement – UGH)
    Appreciate all the comments about emailing bloggers – good to know.
    There’s quite a list of retail merchants that are not opening on Thanksgiving. It would be nice to go back to holidays meaning everyone gets off work and can stay home. I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping – online is such a help. As soon as I finish yet another handmade, custom, elaborate Christmas stocking for a new family member (How can you say no? Sigh, my eyes are making it more difficult each year), I’ll be ready to wrap up stuff and then sit back and enjoy it all. (little spare time to be online right now, so I do apologize for being late to read)
    Cheers and get ready to jingle!

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  3. I have a specific email address just for my blog. That’s the way to get in touch with me privately. I check it every day because I get all my comments sent there, too. This means my personal email and my blogger email never cross paths. For me, life is easier that way.

    I am not adjusting to the time change as well as one would hope. Much like your cats, I’m hungry at the wrong times and that makes me cranky… well, crankier… than normal.

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  4. Projects! Replacing 7 windows upstairs last week created gobs of drywall dust, caused me to rearrange several rooms, forced me to purge a collection of baskets, and now that the windows are in with their beautiful new wood frames, I must paint every room upstairs. Good thing winter is coming.

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    • One thing does lead to another. For a while I thought I’d have to re-wallpaper but we made it with one minor patch. However, I did need to get a new carpet for the bath and a new tp holder. Now I’m thinking I’d like a storage basket for tp.


  5. Teddy and Jack don’t seem to mind what time they get fed. They know I won’t eat until they have their food and I do not like being hungry so I eat…often. No Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday shopping for me. I am not a crowd kinda peep.

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  6. I have often wondered about contacting fellow bloggers too. I know that those of us on WP can see the email addresses of people who comment, but I don’t keep those. I’m glad you asked the question and that several people have offered a solution.

    Good news on your tile floor – I always love being able to check a major project off my list.

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  7. If someone ever comments on your post, and WordPress send you an email notifying you of that, buried deep at the end of that message is also their e-mail address. Kind of a privacy violation, I’ve always felt, but there you go.

    We went to the gym this morning, came home, had a “late” breakfast, and all the while had no idea the clocks were set back. Somehow we missed this one! Needless to say when lunch time came around I was ultimately quite hungry. 🙂

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    • Someone else suggested going into Admin Comments and the email address is listed there. I was able to send my message. I’m going to set up one of those comment pages that will send a message to me without listing my email address. If you had a late breakfast then you should have an early lunch! Not working sometimes screws up my time change adjustments.

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  8. I love you have cats that have true personalities. Don’t tell her, but Morgan preens on my desktop. Wouldn’t want her to get an even bigger head…wink wink

    I’m with you on Thanksgiving. I never shop on Black Friday. Around my corner, people camp out in sleeping bags in front of Best Buy, something that totally eludes me.
    I don’t want anything that badly. NOTHING!!!

    I can’t remember when I didn’t have just one bathroom. Of course, always living alone with the exception of a little lusty sojourn here and there, there was never a need for two. But I get it. I do.


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  9. All projects lead to something which leads to something else which…….
    I never liked stores being open on Thanksgiving but I never thought that maybe some would appreciate the extra cash. I’m sure that wasn’t on the top of considerations for the retailers when they decided to open but it is a thought.

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  10. I’m happy to hear your bathroom is open for business, Kate. Speaking of holidays…we got our Christmas decorations out of the attic last night and started going at it. Just inside, I don’t want the neighbors to think we’re crazy. Since my autumn stuff has been up since September…I’m ready. As for WP…I know nothing other than how to post a new blog post…sad, I know.

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  11. I love the extra hour. I haven’t had a problem with our cat. We are redoing our bathroom as well but we have hired a contractor. At 65 and with a bad back, I am definitely NOT letting my husband get involved with a project like this. We will have to be a one bathroom family for about three weeks. Fortunately no kids still in the house but that is the bathroom with the only shower 😦 Fortunately my mom lives close by so she gets some extra visits! Love to see a picture of the finished product!

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    • As we were doing this, I was thinking it may be one of our last big projects. It’s harder and my husband is almost 74. Love it though (as will you!). There is nothing as nice as a newly refurbished bathroom! We are still missing the threshold and tp holder so I didn’t do a picture yet. Maybe next week. Good luck to you.


  12. You’re on wordpress (lilke me). There’s a “contact me” form you can set up to send you email to the email address you use for other wordpress notifications. And please share your blogging ideas. One of my goals is to get back in the habit of writing.

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    • Thanks for the tip. My ideas flow from everyday life. I jot things down that make a conscious thought in my head. Sometimes it’s not enough for a whole post but once in a while I’ll do short clips (like on Sundays). However, anything that I can add enough substance to, I keep for a full post. You would be amazed at what you do that others would find interesting. It’s all in the writing style. It’s who you meet or what you see or conundrums in life. Sometimes it’s not the ideas but the energy to write it.


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