More odds and ends

Voting — We voted mid-morning. Our local precinct is staffed with centenarians. At least they look and work at a speed that I think someone would at 100. Small things (like a dropped pencil) are huge issues taking considerable time to resolve. Add to that a combative presidential election where people are coming out in droves, wearing their political view on their hats. Sigh. The one person who was young (relatively speaking) was running around solving problems; giving and taking computer card keys to the voters. It took us about a half hour which isn’t that bad (with some efficiency it would have been 10 minutes). It was good to see so many people voting. I just wish they’d get younger poll workers. (Yes, I would do it but they don’t have any “openings.”)

Doctors — In today’s world it seems that all doctors have specialties. Even when I go to my primary care physician he will transfer me to a specialist. Today I met with a new one. I was impressed. I was seen first by a “fellow” (someone serving a fellowship). He was so thorough and kind. The specialist looked young enough to be my granddaughter or at least in one of the medical shows. (Do all docs have sex in the supply rooms? No, I didn’t ask.) She also had a great manner. I have docs that I really like. The difference is that they listen, take time and care. They also had some of the best updated equipment I’ve ever seen including a rubbery specula that doesn’t hurt.

Attitude adjustment required — The busier I am, the crotchetier I get. It’s a busy week. My 86-year-old sister-in-law had shoulder replacement surgery yesterday. She’s coming home today (I know, holy cow!). Layer in a new doctor, voting and a slew of errands. I feel like a spinning top, just barely in control. Fortunately, the end is in sight. I’m looking for an easy landing by the end of the week.

Is it margarita time yet!

35 thoughts on “More odds and ends

    • If I never have to return to a poling booth again I would be happy. I’d love to be able to vote early and stress free (and no waiting). SIL doing great. I’m adjusting because that’s all I can do. That and hope. Trump has already said that he won’t get rid of ACA until he can put something so much better in place. Perhaps this will give us our first view of how he works.


  1. I wonder what voters thought of our group of poll workers! We did have a few younger ones this time, probably three of them younger than my 70 years. We do have one lady who is 90 who is still working -standing most of the days showing people where to put their voted (paper) ballots and handing out “I voted” stickers. There were only lines out the door when we first opened and then during the noon hour I think. I thought we did a pretty good job getting people through quickly though having to do provisional ballots for those who had changed their address and not updated voter reg, or who had never registered but wanted to vote etc. slowed us down some. A record number of those and a record number of advance voters this time round too. Records set all around. BTW only 8400 resistered voters in our entire county; will be interesting to find out the % that turned out. It was nice to hear “Thank you for serving” from several different people. It’s interesting to hear how different voting is in different states.

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    • They probably thought you were wonderful. I am just under 70 and I can guarantee you that our poll workers were considerably older than that. They were obviously shaken by the overwhelming turnout and kept getting confused and mixed up. We voters tried to help them as best we can especially with finding our names in their books. I appreciate poll workers. My brother has done it for years. He’s in his 80s but he doesn’t get flustered. There are people willing to help out and I’m not sure why they don’t reach out. They were also short at least one person from normal. The middle aged woman was running her rear off. I hoped that someone would spell her at some time.


  2. It’s wonderful when you get a doctor you like. I have a couple that are great but my regular doctor I am not too crazy about but I like that he seems to be afraid of me. Not sure why, unless telling him to get away from the door and sit down because I still have questions (in a very firm voice) scared him. That happened a few years ago and now he always asks if I have anything more to say before he heads for the door. I could care less that they only schedule 10-15 minutes for an office visit if it takes longer too bad. I am not an easy patient. 😉

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    • Unfortunately this was a once and done deal. Everything is considered normal so I won’t go back unless there is a problem. I left an eye doc because he casually told me that I had cataracts while walking out of the room. I was stunned. No information. No follow up. The was my last appointment with him many years ago. Oh yes, he always made me wait an hour too!

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  3. We have started to vote by mail (but then drop off our ballots early to the local Registrar of Voters so I can get my I Voted sticker). I’m amazed at how different each states – and maybe county’s – voting regulations are. Why anyone would be forced to stand in line for more than 15 or 20 minutes to vote is beyond me. Voting should be encouraged and simple.

    I’m glad to hear that your SIL is coming home. She’ll do much better there.

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    • For all the years that I’ve voted, the workers were always way older. Our young person was close to 50 but she knew what she was doing and help the ladies out a lot. Normally it’s slow and it’s a chatfest but not today!

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  4. Kate, they are always looking for help at the polls. At least that’s what they tell me down town. I was told they had a replacement for my job, I serve a machine operator. I just came back from voting to learn the guy never showed up. They are shorthanded with this big election; only 3 plus the judge.

    I voted a 4 PM, there was nobody there to vote. Of course by the time I left, they were pouring in again.


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  5. We had a big tun out this morning as well. I’m gad the weather cooperated, as we must have stood outside for 30 minutes. I thought the volunteers were old in there … until I went to the State Store afterwards. Oh dear! I gave him cash and he was so excited it was exact change that he forgot to bag the wine.

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  6. Well, from your fellow “Rita” love I hear you loud and clear! Amazed about Betty and grateful that she is doing so well. Voting!!!!!! I am so angry with our county! You know my husband can’t stand for more than a few min. So, I will go get on line, he will sit in the car till it is “our” turn. And anyone who doesn’t care for that can just take it up with the county! (My polling place had a 2+ hour outside wait at 11:30 at least in the place they closed were chair to sit in to wait your turn!)
    New Doc…hope you are well.

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