Sassy cats — Hanging around home!

Concert time! Some cats are lucky enough to get sung to.morgan-danguitar2016Same sofa, different cat, no serenade. (Notice the sofa is cat colored!) hazel-sofablanket2016Morgan is working to put a divot in the top of this sofa! morgan-topofsofa2016Our cats hope you have a good and catnippy weekend!

25 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Hanging around home!

    • Don’t this group but I did have a singing cat. I used to play piano when I was young. My cat either liked or disliked it (couldn’t really tell which). As soon as I started playing she would jump on the keyboard and yodel.

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    • I don’t know why we listen to our cats. The answer is always more beneficial to them. For example, my cat will say “I know it’s too early but supper would taste good NOW.” Sometimes she even convinces me that she’s right.


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