Random 5 for November 13 – Mail order, appliances, cats, surgery, renovation project results

Shipped or not? – I buy stuff on-line. Almost always I get an email that says it shipped. I ordered something last Sunday. Tuesday I received the email. As of today, it still hasn’t been “really shipped.” What’s that all about? It’s been sitting in a warehouse for almost a week waiting for a pick-up? (There must be a pick-up line joke that would fit this!)

Appliances again! — If you’ve followed me for a while you know I go through appliances. They always die young. If a refrigerator has a life span of 8 to 10 years, mine goes at 6. Lost my washing machine two months ago at less than 10 years. Yesterday the dishwasher died. It’s 5 years old. And yes, it was full of dishes. The only humor (possibly) is that I was so annoyed I used my outside gloves to wash the dishes instead of my pristine “dish washing” gloves. At least I don’t have chapped hands.

What’s it about anything moved? – We brought in the cushions from our screened porch furniture for the winter. We laid them out in a spare bedroom to ensure they are completely dry before we bag them. We also washed the awning and draped that to dry too. The cats are over the moon! Hazel has slept on almost every spot on the awning and I’m noticing cat hair fluffs on the cushions too. Anything moved has to be re-christened! Gotta love cats!

For all you lovely readers who follow and care – My sister-in-law (at age 86) had her shoulder replacement surgery this past week and she’s doing wonderful. Most of her complaints were from the effects of the anesthesia and medications. The incision is smaller than you would think. Her friend (?) told her that the docs would “filet” her arm but that wasn’t the case. Looks like they slipped it in with minimal damage. She has a way to go but the worst part is over. Thank you for your prayers.

It’s so anticlimactic – I have a (very bad) picture of the finished bathroom floor. It’s lighter than it looks in this picture but you get the idea. It’s a 5×5 room and there is no view overlooking a park. We were able to save the wallpaper (at least for now) and everything worked out well including the taller toilet. Best of all WE LOVE IT! The floor is a tile that looks like polished marble (without all the fussy care) and it brings light into the room. All’s well that ends well.bathrm-project-done2016

So how was your week?




52 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 13 – Mail order, appliances, cats, surgery, renovation project results

  1. It’s good to hear your sister-in-law is getting along well, and hopefully her complete recovery will be steady! I think these surgeries are continually being refined, and her friend’s more dire prediction was probably based on an older form of the surgery. My husband’s hip replacement surgery two years ago was a marvel compared to the surgeries just a few years ago. I’m glad you shared a photo of the newly remodeled bathroom! It is amazing how a bathroom facelift and uplift the spirits! And in time for the holidays. 🙂


    • You are right about the surgeries. My SIL is one week out and healing nicely. She starts PT today but her biggest complaint has been reactions to medications. I remember my oldest brother being laid up for weeks for a hip replacement — 1 week in hospital and 3 in a rehab center. They’ve come a long way!

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  2. Glad SIL is doing well. The stress before ( and all the horror stories mentioned by “helpful” people…) is worse than the actual procedure. Thank goodness for tiny instruments skillfully used now. Hope she’s comfortable and back on her way ASAP
    Cats love it when you are “redecorating” by moving things into flat zones. They appreciate your thoughtfulness to provide variety of entertainment in their lives.
    Online shopping is wonderful – even with the weird. Pets like it when you accomplish shopping without having to fend for themselves being home alone HA HA

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  3. I know that I’m supposed to be looking at your new flooring, but naturally my eye went to your cat toilet brush holder. I’ve seen these at Bed Bath and Beyond! It’s almost too nice to put in the bathroom! 🙂 ~Rachel from Cat Lady Alley & Three Chatty Cats

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  4. The thing you ordered sitting in the warehouse would tick me off… often buying on-line is not for sissies. I begin to worry before I even hit the “buy” button. So happy your Sis-in-law has that surgery behind her and is doing well! Why would a friend tell her that the Doctors would “filet” her arm… geeez. You did great with the bathroom! I hate to be a whiner, but our week stunk! The Mama, CH’s Mom, we had to take her to the emergency room last Sunday, but then I guess it was a very good week because they let her out Friday but we are still trying to get the prescriptions they gave her to play nice together.

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  5. My week was not so great in many ways. My very good friend, who first referred me to your blog, passed away suddenly last Thursday morning. Because we live in small town America and she was beloved by our community theater, to assuage our grief and do what her family wants, our theater group has quickly formed a 30 voice choir to celebrate her life at tomorrow’s funeral. My friend had 3 cats and my daughter has three daughters. There’s a chance that two of the cats may end up as my “grand cats.” Fortunately the third one, the “psycho” cat, has already been placed in a new home. And so, life goes on, but it won’t be quite as much fun without her.

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      • Kate, We bought a new refrigerator last year. The one we had looked great, but after 15 years, it began having incontinence problems. We were mopping up more and more frequently. The new fridge had an ice maker and after 3 months, every time we pushed the ice lever it sounded like a mac truck was reving up in the kitchen. After three repair visits in two months I’d had enough and my dark side was revealed. A new replacement was promptly delivered. But I wait for that mac truck to arrive every day. The old-time ice boxes are looking good right now. They lasted forever.

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    • It’s been 5 years since we bought it. This past summer the clamp on the hose broke and flooded the kitchen (twice). It was a huge mess so I’m sure I posted about it (where better to whine than a blog) so perhaps that was why it seems like just yesterday.


  6. Good news about your SIL. I’m amazed at how small many incisions are now-a-days. The one they made to insert the three pins into my thigh bone is only about an inch and a quarter. Best wishes for her continued recovery.

    Glad your bathroom tile job is done. it’s always nice to check those things off.

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  7. I have the same appliance problem. I’ve written so many stories about appliance deaths that I’m embarrassed to write another. As far as ordering online, my experience is that by the time they notify me it is shipped for real, I can probably look on the doorstep and find it.

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  8. Great news about your sister-in-law! Thank you for sharing this.

    I am having the reverse problem with my appliances. When we moved in just over a year ago, the appliances were too good to replace but too average to be excited about in any way. I would absolutely LOVE for my appliances to die, especially the fridge/freezer and the stove/oven. My fear is that they will all last for a very long time! Sighhhhh.

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  9. Good to hear the patient is doing so well. I don’t think surgeons do much filleting anymore. Sometimes people should keep their mouth shut. Hurray the project is a success. What’s next? My appliances have been working for 20 years. I know the time is coming when they will go to appliance graves and I dread it. New stuff just isn’t built to last.

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    • I know! This friend had to have the replacement redone because she fell out of bed during recovery. Sometimes the gory stuff should be left unsaid but the good news is that she has full use of her arm and told SIL it was worth it.


  10. Glad the surgery went well. It is amazing what they can do nowadays without having to “filet,” although my husband had to have a stent put in his left leg and they did need to cut him open from above his hip to the mid-calf to clean out the arteries. We were glad they only needed to do one leg! Nice bathroom. We picked a blue tile for ours and have to pick out the toilet, etc. next week.

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    • OMG! That’s a HUGE incision! Hope it went well. Good luck on your project. Toilets have changed since we built our house 13 years ago. Our new one is a 1.3 gallon flush which you would think would not do a good job but it does. Love the higher height. I think it will help with splashes too.

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  11. Glad you SIL is doing well.

    Apparently we buy the same appliances! I was warned when recently buying a new dishwasher to avoid Samsung because they have no repair folks and spare parts are hard to come by. (If you care, we bought a Bosch because we have a height issue with our counter. It works great but the interior is very small. Thanksgiving will be a major pain, dishwasher-wise.)

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  12. I really like George. He’s clearly masculine with a feminine bent, if you will.

    Sorry about the dishwasher. I rarely use mine, thinking of keeping sweaters in it. Table for one doesn’t require a full cycle…

    Love the term, filleted, and happy your sister-in-law was spared that much slicing. People should just shut-up when you’re about to surrender a body part while knocked-out. Just my two cents, or good sense, depends how you look at it.

    And never pay any attention to..IT’S BEEN SHIPPED…since it may be on a ship if that’s the cheapest way to get it to you, Amazon being the worst. Have visions of overworked turtles with books on their backs.

    Aye…have a good week Kate. Love the Random 5 🙂

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  13. I’m glad your SIL is doing well and the surgery was successful.
    Your floor came out great and looks similar to one I have in my BR.
    I can’t believe another appliance went. Maybe it’s the water it’s drinking..:)
    And maybe your item really hasn’t in the warehouse and is out of stock and they don’t want you looking anywhere else for it. Who really knows.

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